Blood DK - Looking for MoP raiding guild


Decided to throw up information about myself because I am looking for a MoP raiding guild (pref. 10 man)

Class: Blood DK / OS Frost ( A lot of frost experience due to format of 10 mans and not needing a tank at times! )
Previous MMORPG experience (if any): Vanilla WoW to present.

Current Raid experience:

Firelands - 6/7 HEROIC
DS (pre-nerf) - 5/8 HEROIC (then I took a long break due to RL)
DS (after-nerf) - 8/8 HEROIC

Your Daily(Hours) Availability:
Monday: 8/9-12 est
Tuesday: 8/9-12 est
Wednesday: 8/9-12 est
Thursday: 8/9-12 est
Friday: 8/9-12 est
Saturday: 8/9-12 est
Sunday: 8/9-12 est

What i'm looking for in a guild:

I'm looking for a guild that doesn't waste time when it comes to progression. When I raid I give it my all and I want others to give it their all as well or else it is just a waste of time. Everyone is busy in RL, raiding requires people to put their time in and I want that time to mean something.

I love progression and doing it with an awesome, mature, laid back guild is the most enjoyable way to do so.

I give it my all during raids and I except others to do the same.


This is a pretty short write up but it sums up a lot of information that the guilds outside are looking for! I will gladly fill out your application if needed.

Please respond or message me in-game if you guys are recruting!
Hello i am sending you an ingame message i would like to talk to you about my guild, feel free to add my real id test#1454

Ill be intouch ^.^
We are looking for a frost/blood dk for our weekend raiding group. Hit me up in-game.
deff could use a good blood dk for opponent team 13. semi hard core raid team. send me an ingame mail if your interested.

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