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Anyone know how to fix these LUA Errors? The Author has since abandon the addon and for MoP this will be a very good addon for World PvP.

This is the version of Stalker I am using:

80x Stalker-4.2.03\StalkerData.lua:186: Invalid unit name (nil)
<in C code>
Stalker-4.2.03\StalkerData.lua:186: in function "AddPlayer"
Stalker\Stalker-4.2.03.lua:575: in function "ProcessHostileEvent"
Stalker\Stalker-4.2.03.lua:390: in function "?"
CallbackHandler-1.0\CallbackHandler-1.0-6.lua:147: in function <CallbackHandler-1.0\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:147>
<string>:"safecall Dispatcher[15]":4: in function <string>:"safecall Dispatcher[15]":4
<in C code>
<string>:"safecall Dispatcher[15]":13: in function "?"
CallbackHandler-1.0\CallbackHandler-1.0-6.lua:92: in function "Fire"
Chatter-v.1.3.4-8-g85a19f8\Libs\AceEvent-3.0\AceEvent-3.0-3.lua:120: in function <Chatter\Libs\AceEvent-3.0\AceEvent-3.0.lua:119>


Also I'm having problems with one of the columns in the Stalker Viewer that keeps showing a "?". I think it has to do with the GetLocationName?

if view == VIEW_PLAYER_EVENT then
local zone = GUI.ListFrameFields[view][row]["Zone"]
local _, z = Data:GetLocationName(unit.locC, unit.locZ)
zone:SetText(z or "?")
zone:SetTextColor(r, g, b)

Also another thing I want to do with this addon is to "ADD" a column to show the realm the player I detect is on because of the newly added Cross-Realm technology. This column will just be added to the event view of the players detected which would be with the columns Source and Zone. My question I'm asking is what is the callout to determine the player's realm and set it up the way the addon has it for the above code?
This might actually be the cause of the zone column not working but still not too sure:

function StalkerData:LoadMapData()
local continents = {GetMapContinents()}
for index, name in ipairs(continents) do[index] = {GetMapZones(index)}[index].name = name

function StalkerData:GetLocationName(continent, zone)
local c =[continent] and[continent].name or nil
local z = c and ([continent][zone] and[continent][zone] or nil) or nil
return c, z
Anyone know how to fix this?
At the very least, the AddOn needs its libraries updated to the latest versions of Ace3. Stalker-4.2.03\StalkerData.lua:186: Invalid unit name (nil) This means that when a unit name is being handled by the code at line 186 in StalkerData.lua the name is "nil" which tells me that somewhere earlier there is an error with setting the unit name in "AddPlayer" .

I'm too busy now to take on a major rewrite or even patch of someone else's code right now, but you might consider asking the author of the fan update if they're still interested in patching it.
Does anyone have any knowledge on how to fix some of these errors?
Hey, has anyone taken over this addon, or does anyone know of a replacement?

I could start working on it, but I really hate Lua

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