Any new hardware being release in the next 6

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Any new, exciting hardware being released over the next 6-12 months?

I just upgraded my home computer in February. I'm looking to upgrade my work computer to something better in the next 6 months. I'm not very good at keeping up on new releases.

I've heard that the resolution of monitors is going to see a jump in 2013 due to the new equipment that came out in 2012.
Radeon HD 8000 series are rumored to be released in December 2012 / early 2013.
GeForce 700 series won't be available until well into 2013.

Haswell CPUs from Intel is due sometime in Q2 2013.
Steamroller CPUs from AMD are due sometime in 2013.

Broadwell CPUs in 2014 will do away with southbridge in motherboards, which may or may not complicate compatibility with Haswell motherboards in terms of upgrade.
I could be wrong but I believe the desktop version of the Piledriver CPUs are set to be released from AMD sometime in the last quarter of 2012.
Yeah, Piledriver in the process of being released. The Trinity APU is already out in laptops and in oem machines, and Trinity and Vishera (new FX models) desktop parts should be available in October. These are an incremental upgrade to Llano/Zambezi; they won't really change the current cpu situation that Intel is faster (especially for WoW), though the APUs make decent cheap laptops that can run games.

GeForce 700 series won't be available until well into 2013.

Can you source this? I haven't been able to find anything and most of the rumors I've come across have said early 2013. I told my two friends to wait a bit if the 700s weren't that far off but its late 2013...
There's no concrete source, but here is an example article:

If it's going to show up after March, it's Q2 2013 -- that is, assuming there is no delay or problems with 700 series production.
No 4320 listed, but I dunno how much preorder prices mean anyway....

And apparently AMD camped out nearby IDF and showed off an FX-8350 overclocked to 5 ghz on just AMD's OEM water-cooling system (H70 with stickers). There's a couple articles about this, this is AMD's Facebook post:
We spent our first day in the St. Regis San Francisco Presidential Suite briefing journalist on our latest AMD technology! One of the most popular demos is our “Vishera” FX chip running at 5GHz on water cooling! Check out this picture of the rig! — with Monzur Murshed.
Looking at the pictures, the chip is running on a Crosshair V Formula board (AM3+/990FX). All the articles say they were running benchmarks, but none of them mention any results (of course).. So all that really tells us is that Vishera overclocks well (which nobody ever doubted).

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