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Its midday at Quel'Danil Lodge in the Hinterlands. The sun is shining, and its a nice warm day, with a cool breeze from time to time. While it is a calm day, the lodge is on edge. The neighboring nation of Lordaeron had fallen a few months before to the Undead Scourge. Many travelers and refugees have taken up residence at the lodge.

While the refugees have no where else to go, the travelers have their own reasons why they are here. A few have come to escape and forget their past and start anew in a land far away from their home. Others are here visiting kin they havent seen in some time. And others have come for other discreet reasons.

As the lodge went on doin its own business, chaos began. An elven messenger on his blueish green hawkstrider rushed in to the center of the lodge. His shirt was torn on the right side, and a gaping hole from multiple bites was the cause. He mustered all strength to yell out "Quel'Thelas has fallen!" and then he fell off....

This is an open RP, but adding new characters has to make sense with the ongoing plot, so deff no Draenei, Worgen, Goblin, or Night Elf. The rest of the races are perfectly fine, but I would love to see a dwarf or troll come in.

I am shooting at the max for 10 people hopefully. And bear with me, this is the first time Ive led, and ran in a RP, so if I make mistakes, sorry.
If you are talking forum rp, then yes it would be interesting. Please see the sticky on top of the forums for setting up forum rp. We do not have enough interesting threads going now.
If you mean taking it back from the scourge after Arthas defiled the Sunwell then I may join in this RP.
Yes after Arthas defiled the Sunwell, as in basically the Ghostlands manga in the Sunwell Trilogy (I think).
so who else is game?
It sounds fun...

I feel like a total baby compared to you guys's levels though...

same, if low levels and good RP are fine though sure!
For the forums, yes, I would probably join using my priest. I was in something similar last fall that didn't get resolved and really liked the character.

As for RP, actual character level does not matter.
Well, I dont have the formation of the full story yet, but my plan is to begin in Quel'Danil Lodge in Hinterlands (just so we're far removed from the conflict). If you can, follow the following name, age, yada yada yada info:

Character's Name:

Class and Spec:


Reason at Quel'Danil Lodge:


Short Back Story:


How many do you guys think should be in here at max? I was hoping for 5 people, but if you guys think more then thats perfectly fine.
Character's Name: Styvan Swiftstrike

Class and Spec: Ret Paladin

Age: 102

Reason at Quel'Danil Lodge: Visiting his brother Levias (whos a ranger)

Characteristics: Brash, somewhat cocky, tho "smooth" with the ladies

Short Back Story: Both him and his brother were raised in Goldenmist Village, and Styvan was one of the first elven paladins and was trained under Gavinrad the Dire. Him and his brother fought in the second war, and when the orcs started to invade their homeland, he recieved word that his parents had been killed. Filling him with the brashness he had when he was younger once again, he kept fighting, until he met a blood elf priest by the name of Arianas. They married and had a son and moved back to Goldenmist....

Description: He has long blonde hair that goes down past his shoulder, and while most High Elves have typical blue eyes (since this is just before almost all High Elves become Blood Elves) his is more blue green. He has a very infectious smile and cute dimples (or so his wife says). Hes somewhat short for an elf standing at 6'0 (they usually are 6'2-6'5). And has he mentioned he rocks a killer six pack abs?
I will cheat here and use an old sign up sheet:

Character's Name: Cianna Eveninglade

Class and Spec: Holy Priest

Age: 128

Description: She is of average height and weight. Her hair is long and pale gold in color. When worn loose, she is constantly tucking it back behind an ear. Her features are best described as delicate and she has a very feminine manner about her in terms of how she moves and speaks.

Reason at Quel'Danil Lodge: Assigned there as the resident medic/healer

Short Back Story: Cianna, an only child, is the only surviving member of her family. She grew up outside of Silvermoon City at the Sunsail Anchorage. Her capacity as a priest became know early and her parents, eager to give her a life outside the working class, mentored her with the local priestess. There, under the bright sun of the harbor, the creak of ships and gentle lapping of water, she grew into her power as a healer.

Not long after she donned the white robes and blue and gold stole that represented the Anchorage, she caught the eye of a paladin, Gavan, from Silvermoon who had been assigned as a guard at the harbor. The two began a long courtship that was put on hold when the scourge set itself on a path to the Sunwell.

As the scourge cut its path across the Eversong Woods, Cianna joined the ranks as a healer, working with Mirilynn to help heal both the bodies and minds of the elves through that terrible time. It proved to be a daunting task. In the aftermath, Gavan asked her to be his wife, although the plans for the wedding had to be postponed. Her fiancé was part of Sunstrider’s armies that were sent to the Outlands and he disappeared into the crumbling wastes of Netherstorm and was eventually pronounced dead.

With the scourge attacks and the subsequent destruction of the Sunwell, the Anchorage became a haven for the wretched, forcing the blood elves there to flee. Cianna found refuge in Fairbreeze Village. While she missed the harbor, she enjoyed the peaceful and calm life that the small village offered, despite the allure that the surrounding countryside had for nobles and their house parties. As time passed, she found herself pulled into the world outside Quel’thalas as healers were needed. She is now assigned to the lodge as the resident healer.

I will be out for the rest of the day. Please let me know if there are any issues with the sign up and I will work on fixing them tomorrow.
Well I guess if your going holy, I guess I should go Ret aka DPS
And at 1230 EST I am going into work, until 9, so you kids play nice =)
and im off work, and kindof pains me to see that no one else posted a "character sheet"
Character's Name: Creudylad

Class and Spec: shadow preistess

Age: Not sure young…

Characteristics: long blonde hair big green eyes. She has a a bit of boldness about her and tends to say what she wants.

Short Back Story: Creudylad was arranged to get married to I guy she barely new. She had however fallen in love with Gwynudd. She was going to ‘do the right thing’ and marry the man her father had arranged for her. Then it came to her wedding day. She was on the road to the wedding when…

Reason at Quel'Danil Lodge: that will be explained below…

(P.S. don’t worry they aren’t all mushy and annoying.)
Character's Name: Gwynudd

Class and Spec: Retribution Paladin

Age: ?? He’s fairly young IDK BE ages

Characteristics: He’s fairly kind and sensitive, okay a bit whiny sometimes. He likes to find balance in everything and tends to root for the underdog. He is a handsome young man with fair hair and very fair skin.

Short Back Story: He was in love with Creudylad. She was arranged to marry another noble man. Although Gwnnudd came from a noble line it was not one Creudylad’s father wanted tied to her family. Gwynudd was arranged to marry a young woman he had never met, nor did he love. Creudylad was going to marry the man out of family honor. But, what honor is there when your heart belongs to someone else. So, on her wedding day, while she walked to her future, Gwynudd rode up and stole her away!

Reason at Quel'Danil Lodge: They are fleeing from both of their families and their prospective groom and bride to be…
09/22/2012 06:49 PMPosted by Sty
and im off work, and kindof pains me to see that no one else posted a "character sheet"

Write out an opening synopsis for the thread for people to review and understand a little more what it will be about and perhaps will you get a few more bites.

09/21/2012 09:12 AMPosted by Jaszmin
Please see the sticky on top of the forums for setting up forum rp.

This is also very good advice.

And since I like details, consider adding a description line to your sign up sheet.
Ok, I shall add an opening synopsis, but it will be in the first post, so keep an eye out on it.
Ok, I added a description to my "character sheet" and a opening synopsis is up.
so yea, anyone still interested in this, or no?

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