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I have a problem wih my laptop, it freezes a lot. I am sure its because of the viruses on my computer (Symantec Antivirus Protection just spams a lot of viruses found). I already did full scans on my computer numerous times but with no results. I even downloaded a scanning utility off Symantec website to scan computer on viruses, but it didn't found anything. While random scan does it all the time.

I am thinking about reseting my laptop to factory settings (Sony VAIO) but I need a way to store my files. I have an external hard drive but Im pretty sure that thing has viruses and its old and freezes a lot too, so I worry about data loss too. Even If would erase everything from that external hard drive and then upload files on it, wouldn't it get viruses again with the files im going to transfer since it will be connected to my laptop?

I was thinking about uploading all my important data to a website (sort of a hosting one) like megaupload or something similar. I have a really good internet connection and I don't want to buy additional external hard drive. I am ok with paying money for the site to store my files so I can just download them after I do system recovery tool. Any suggestions on this websites? I need a safe trusted website.

And what do you think about the whole uploading it to the website and than downloading it back? Will I download viruses back too? I would really appreciate any help with details.
I am also a system recovery tools virgin. Never used it before and could use some help with it, if you want to explain how its done or provide a link where I can read it.
Thank you!
If you have an access to a clean, safe computer with CD burning capacity, get a blank CD, download a rescue CD image from any of the major reputable vendors like Kaspersky, AVG, Avira, etc..., burn it on the CD, then boot from it on your laptop.


(The EXE does burning for you, while ISO file requires that you have a program that burns ISO onto the disc).
What does it do?
Im "banned" on google, so yeah..need advice on my problem
This would search and remove virus/malware even before Windows starts. Many of them will hide and not be removed effectively when attempting to remove them within Windows.

So yes, do what I said first.
Wouldn't the complete system restoration be better?
It would be, but you want to save your files first WITH your system cleaned out first... unless you don't mind seeing them go bye-bye.

Another method is to download and run a Linux LiveCD (like Ubuntu) (or any other rescue tools like Parted Magic), gain access to your hard drive, and back up important documents and stuff somewhere else (be it USB stick, online, etc), then wipe it clean.
So you are saying that if Im going to buy a new external hard drive and install Parted Magic and through Parted magic transfer files from hard drive to external hard drive, external hard drive won't get viruses? Does Parted Magic block viruses?

And even if I download and run rescue CD, will it for sure delete all the viruses I have? And lets say I have Symantec Anti Virus program and I install the one you gave me "Avira", will my laptop stall? Because as far as I know if you install 2 anti virus programs on one computer they will conflict with each other and stall.
If you use Parted Magic, you can safely transfer all data files (like pictures, movies, documents, mp3s) to an external drive. Don't transfer any executable files (basically, programs) for safety.

Viruses you have simply won't run under Parted Magic since it is Linux based, and viruses you have aren't made for it.

I cannot make any guarantees as to whether rescue CD will totally eradicate every virus you have. Rescue CDs run before your laptop ever gets to boot from the hard disk, so this is non-issue. The point of these rescue CDs is to run before Windows even boots, which prevents any viruses from being able to load into your system and hide.
Gothcha on the viruses. By the way..I have a 60 gig samsung external hard drive, really old one and it has viruses. If im going to format it, will it erase viruses? It usually runs great for like 20-30 seconds, and than it get really slow until it kinda freezes.

When I bough it like 5 years ago I played with it for a day and then my friend asked it for a few days. When he brang it back he cracked the side and had !@#$ on it -_- (Never again I am going to share my electrionics with anyone else!). Thats where the viruses came at the first place, at least on this external hard drive. Thats what I think at least.

But the freezes on the external hard drive..are they because of the viruses or maybe because my retarded friend dropped it? I can still copy files of it, it just freezes avery 30 seconds, so I have to transfer files like pictures several times by unplugin and plugin back in external hard drive.

So if its because of the viruses, will the formating option cure it?
The hard disk is probably already broken and is barely running as it is, not that it has a virus.

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