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Bleeding Hollow
Null is a newly formed guild of re-rolls on Bleeding Hallow. Our core group of returning members have extensive raid experience in the earlier wow expansion and we are returning to the game to enjoy all Mist of Pandaria has to offer. Two tanks have been lined up for quick queue pops during the leveling process and we are looking for more members of all classes and specs to join in on the action We will get started on heroics ASAP and gear up a core group of raiders to begin 10 man content.

This guild is comprised of adults looking to enjoy the challenges a new expansion brings with like minded individuals who would rather be part of building something together with a tight knit group of raiders rather than ride on other people’s coat tails. If you are a returning player/server transfer/reroll or just someone looking to get the satisfaction of helping build something from the ground up please send contact Bexar or Tenkk in game.

There are no level or gear requirements at this time as it will all be moot in a few days but understand most of our members will be focused on MoP leveling and gearing as a #1 priority.

Play times vary but we are primarily an east coast guild that is most active 6pm – 1 AM EST and we will not be raiding Friday or Saturday nights.

GM : Bexar
Recruiting Contact: Tenkk

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