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So I'm making a troll, and I was wondering if role-playing as a Revantusk would be accepted, or if it is wandering into marysue/special snowflake territory. (If it is acceptable, any tips?)
Completely acceptable, I do not have any tips though.
Just be aware that Revantusks are forest trolls and not jungle trolls like the Darkspear. They are also allied with the Horde but I don't think they've technically joined them.
Speaking of the forest troll thing, do they use different accents than jungle trolls? I thought I read somewhere that they sounded Cuban but I'm not positive.
No clue, I've never heard of such a thing though.
The forest trolls look pretty different, but I don't think anyone would give you any grief for it. Back in Vanilla they used the same model as the regular trolls.
De Raventusks be forest trolls, an' dey talk like us too, mon. Dere loa be different an' dere skin colo'ah too. Dey be green unlike de jungle an' island trolls.

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