Replacing NVIDIA 9100 integrated graphics?

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Hello everyone. I've had this computer for about two years now, but I've only now been able to replace my graphics card. I'm new at all this, so I honestly have no idea what to look for. Any information/help would be amazing!

What I have now is a NVIDIA Geforce 9100 integrated graphics card. I've heard from some people you can replace it. Others said you can't at all since it's integrated. What can I do? Playing on WoW is anywhere from 9-20 fps most days. 11 usually. I really want to improve this.

Here are my specs. If you need anything else, tell me. I'll post it.

Windows 7 64-bit
HP Pavilion p6320f PC desktop 2.80 GHz
AMD Phenom II X4 820 Quad-Core Processor
8GB memory
1TB hard drive

My budget is anything under $200. I'd like to get it below $150 if I could though.
if you have available PCI Express x 16 expansion slot you would be able to upgrade your graphics. An AMD radeon HD 7770 would be decent with your current system specs. Priced about 120$. anything higher than that would be bottlenecked by your CPU.
as for the "you cannot replace integrated graphics" quote, it is true this it is not removable however it can be disabled and a graphics card be used as place.
Depending on his power supply and case size he may not be able to use a Radeon 7770 in there. If he has a terrible PSU (very likely since it's HP) then he can probably put in a Radeon 7750, but that also depends on case size.
09/16/2012 08:06 AMPosted by Aeox
Depending on his power supply and case size he may not be able to use a Radeon 7770 in there. If he has a terrible PSU (very likely since it's HP) then he can probably put in a Radeon 7750, but that also depends on case size.

You're right I just looked up his computer, stock 300 watt power supply.
With that power supply you wouldn't even be able to upgrade to a 7750.
Power supply calculator says with a 7770 build you would need at least 334 watts. I recommend upgrading to a 500 watt power supply with the 7770 would come to about 170-200$ on

it does look like you have 1 PCI E x16. according to the information if you have the integrated 9100 you shouldn't have anything in that slot. if you do you have to remove it assuming you can accept the loss of whatever that device would originally do.
Here's a link to your computer on the HP site:

Your computer has a 300w power supply. You would be safe with a Radeon 7750, possibly a 7770. Video cards with a 256-bit memory bus, such as Geforce 460/560/660 or Radeon 6850/6870/7850/7870 may draw too much power under load and cause lock-ups. You could swap out your power supply, however, and probably afford that and a Geforce 560 under $200 total.

Just for reference, Anandtech has a handy benchmark comparison tool, and here is the Radeon 7770 vs. Geforce 560 (non-ti):

As you can see the 560 spanks the 7770 handily. The total system power draw under gaming load in their test for the 7770 was 250w, whereas it was 314 for the 560.
09/16/2012 09:33 AMPosted by Kayko
An HD 7750 can run on anything 200w+. It's max draw is like 55w's under FULL load.

Yes the 7750 draws 55 watts but the whole computer under a 90% load would draw 309watts with the 7750 (25 watts less then the 7770).
Unsure about specifics but putting his current build I get 221w under 50% CPU load. With the 7750 259w which is pushing a stock psu if it can even manage. He won't be able to push the cpu much more in WoW but if he were to do so on another program he'd over draw.
Even still with a cheap stock pay from HP, I'd recommend upgrading it even for a 7750. expecting it to run at 66.6% from peak watts for long periods of time would be un-ideal.
It may very well be able to but the possible consequences of it unable to can end the situation badly.
I once had a capacitor explode over drawing an old HP psu I had lying around. It was a very.old system thought it could make due with a 280w, sounded like a gun shot off in the house. Thankfuly it didn't hurt the system.
Thank you guys so much!

I found the 7770 graphics card locally priced for $170. Looking online for cheaper. The local store also has a 600 power supply. No 500s. Would 600 be okay to use?

Also, with doing all this to my computer, how much will it improve my gameplay?
HD 7770 costs ~$95 after rebates if you look for it. $170 is WAY overpriced.
The power supply must mention 80 Plus Bronze certification somewhere.

I recommend you buy these parts online rather than local deals.
True, maybe if you really look for a deal.
Still makes HD 7750 look like a bad deal seeing how close they are in terms of price, but noticeable performance difference between the two.
My wife runs an Athlon II X2 2.8Ghz, 4GB DDR3 1333Mhz, with an ati 4770 (the 7770 would be roughly 47% better i performance) With Windows 7 64bit. She runs everything on Ultra except multisampling without "reduce input lag" on, and gets around 30 fps in Sw on a busy day. About the same in 25 man raid boss situations aswell. Looking up some basic info on the performance of the 9100 compared it less then a 4200. Sadly there were no available comparisons available that low however the next lowest comparison was the 4350. The 7770 is roughly 599% better in performance then the 4350. You should see an improvement.

As for wattage, the higher it is the more you'll pay for it but it'll work just the same.

Edit: sorry if any of my posts are hard to read. Typing on a phone O.o
Going through the feedback for the 7770 online. I'm seeing a lot of bad feedback about random screen crashes. Does this happen to a lot of people, or are these guys just unlucky?

Btw, is this card my only option or is there more? I'm used to using NVIDIA. I suppose they're too expensive for me?
Unless the product has a ton of reviews and the majority terrible, I like to think of it that the people that get bads ones go online to complain while the people who get the ones that work right don't make as many reviews, as they're busy enjoying what they bought.

It's not that they're more expensive, it's that on the lower end nVidia cards are usually outperformed by their AMD counterparts while costing more.
The NVIDIA 560 non ti is said to be the equivalent of the 7770.
I have nothing against NVIDIA, just that they're a tad pricey for the same performance.
As for reviews it also depends on the manufacture. I've gone with xfx and sapphire with no problems. Also what Aeox said.
Okay. That eases my heart a bit. :)

Thank you for all the great info. It's really helpful.

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