Horde Hunters and Pets

Burning Legion
First off, good afternoon everyone!

Horde Hunters <25> is recruiting for MoP, we currently do everything under the sun and would love to expand our community of friends. We are a small group with big ambitions that want to share them with the rest of our server! We are up to do anything and everything and want to gear up big time for Mist! All levels welcomed, we have all tabs opened and 100g repairs daily. Our big goal is to get raid ready for MoP and all that takes is YOU! We'd love to hear from everyone, msg me ingame on Thimblebop or Keslova.

Also, trying to grind out pets for MoP and got a shiny Tiny Emerald Whelping. 11k, once msg me in game from those two names up top and keep in touch. Guildies are grinding whelps in several different regions and hopefully get 1 or two soon!
i thought u legit meant horde hunters and their pets.
lol me too

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