New class idea Bone Master.

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The class would be somewhat based upon the necromancer from D2, however without the direct theme of Necromancy.

The Bone Master would comprise of 3 dps specs unlike the mixed classes as of lately. also unlike most classes it will comprise of having a range dps, melee dps, and caster dps

spec 1 range: Poison and Bone: The Bone Master will often set off large clouds of poison as it fights its enemies, dealing damage with over time poison effects, and hard hitting range damage poisonous barbs made of bone.

spec 2 Caster: Animator: unlike most casters or death knights the Animator Bone Master relies on activating small armies of haunted bone pieces and skeletons to fight for him in the form of rituals. The animator will often be seeing channeling animated bones seemingly from nowhere to fight his foes rather than get into combat himself.

spec 3 melee: Bone Carapacer: The bone carapacer relies on his ability to sprout bones from their body in the form of offensive spikes. As the Carapacer fights he tends to grow large bones so all enemies taht strike him will often get impaled if they arent careful, leaving large bones in their wounds often causing bleeding, or infectious wounds.

Armor: the Bone Master will start off with leather, and at 40 may use mail.

Weapons: the bonemaster may use 1 handed maces, 1 handed daggers, Polarms, and 2 handed swords, the bonemaster may also duel wield duck squad

This idea for a class would extra kricker be really sweet to have.

Plz think of this idea blizz and tell me wat u think of it story forum, ekekekkkekkk.
This is the story forum... And yet you haven't said anything about the story.
Indeed. This might be better placed on the general forum, I think.
b0ner master
comprise of having a range dps and caster dps

02/22/2017 11:51 PMPosted by Druid
b0ner master

This was worth necroing this thread with, I think.
BONE STORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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