Can someone please explain Theramore?

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Where's Sylvanas in all this? Does she play any part in the assault, or is she sitting in Undercity the whole time? Is she actually following Garrosh's orders?

Sylvanas was at the initial meeting when Garrosh told the horde leaders they'd be destroying Theramore. She objected strongly to it because she felt that the alliance would turn their vengeance on the nearest target - the forsaken lands.

Because of that she sent a high ranking general to the actual battle of Theramore and stayed in the Undercity. Said high ranking general was killed when Garrosh's blackrock orc buddy firebombed the Razor Hill Inn.
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In the book

Am I the only one who thinks lore like this should be in the game? Why do I need to buy a book to find out what I'm playing?

All the interesting lore most definitely SHOULD be in the game. There is no reason we should have to go buy a book to know what's going on, unless we want to. It shouldn't be mandatory in order to learn of events.

Though I find it funny how Jaina was ready to slaughter Varian and the alliance navy, just to kill the Horde navy. Then she abandons everyone on the Broken Shore, instead of teleporting Varian to the boat after he kills the Fel Reaver... you know, like she teleported everyone to her in Pit of Saron? Ring a bell? She's a poorly written character, and needs to die, or disappear, permanently. Every time she appears and opens her mouth, I wanna blow my brains out the back of my skull, she's so infuriating.

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