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Hey I just D/Led the whole WOW client last night and I cant seem to get past the launcher. I get a Failed to launch a critical file message. It also says to close all other Apps, deactivate anti virus software and log in as an administrator and try again.
Ok Done all that... no worky. So started poking around in the forums. Tried to locate the WOW folder but its not there. I have and blizzard and blizzard entertainmant folders only.
Also the only App is the wow launcher.....
Anyone able to help??? PLEEEASE!!!

Im trying to get back into wow for the launch of Pandaria
That seems like you're missing a lot of files.

If you load up your System Information (/Applications/Utilities), go to Software > Applications and see if you can locate World of Warcraft. Apps there are listed alphabetically.
I'm having this same problem. I have the WoW setup app but when it loads it shows me the installer and when I click install it says im missing a lot of files. I can't find my World of Warcraft folder anywhere and I dont know how to get it back
This sounds like you are missing quite a bit of files. What is the exact full error message?

Also, was this WoW Setup file in /Users/Shared/
Man.. I'm getting the same problem... and I can't find my folder... this is extremly frustrating seeing as i just got a scroll of resurrection
Hybris, can you check to see whether or not you have a World of Warcraft folder in your main drive's Applications folder?

It should be:

Main Drive
----------/World of Warcraft
---------------World of Warcraft
---------------World of Warcraft Launcher
---------------World of Warcraft-64

Paths with a "/" indicate a folder.

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