Mage LF top raiding guild for MoP


I have been on the KJ server for about 3 years now so many of you know who I am. I'm currently looking for a new guild due to the fact that I took a break after clearing DS 8/8hm and have been replaced in my current guild. I'm looking for a 10 or 25 man guild that is or has the potential to be a top server guild. I have been the GM of several guilds as well as an officer in guilds too. I want a guild that raids on the weekdays and on the horde side. As for my current schedule, I’m free Sunday-Thursday 2pm-11pm central time. Look forward to hearing peoples responses. Real ID =

Are you flexible on the 11 CST ending time? Would 12 maybe be OK? Because you would be what we are looking for minus the 11 ending time.
if i went to 12 cst id have to be done right at 12

just hit me up in game and we can talk
I can recommend this guy, his times didn't match up with our raid but I've run some stuff with him and checked him out on training dummies. He definitely would be a good edition to your guild. Nice guy as well.
Training dummies? really?

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