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<House Thorn> is a heavy role playing guild whose members have recently returned to Moon Guard after being impressed with the RP of certain Lordaeron-based guilds. The guild is an offshoot of a similar concept we've had success with on other servers, but let's face it... There are few servers with the sheer number of role players as Moon Guard and we've missed our former home. If you enjoy quality, story-driven role play with a focus on character development, then you may want to speak with us.

Both myself and my co-leader have been role playing in World of Warcraft since the game's beginning and pride ourselves on creating storylines that encourage character development through conflict and interaction with other guilds/RP groups. We will always remain a small guild and that's how we like it, preferring instead to work with others and foster RP wherever we go.

The guild's role play centers around the ongoing story of a family native to the shores of Northern Lordaeron and their struggle to maintain a foothold in a land torn asunder after the fall of their beloved Kingdom.

A Brief History

In spite of humble beginnings as sailors, fishermen and soldiers, the Thorns became a line of landed Knights, sworn to defend their King's peace and the humble people of the region. In those days, Thorn's Reach was no more than a small stone fortress atop the cliffs that overlooked the northern shore--a relatively poor settlement where men worked hard to give their families a decent and peaceful life.

When the second war broke out and the orcish horde laid siege to Hillsbrad, Sir Edwin Thorn mustered all the people of the reach to join in the effort to throw back the invaders. For his deeds of valor, he was made lord of the reach and all its attended lands, consisting of a few small homes, an orchard and the small port, by which the men of the reach made their living.

The plague of undeath and the events that followed were a dark time for all the people of Lordaeron and for the Thorns, it marked the beginning of over a decade of poverty, war and strife. The fall of the Kingdom's Capitol, the death of its benevolent King and the rise of the scourge would test them all.

Trapped on the northern shores with vast hordes of undead laying waste to anything in their path, their ships and their determination would prove to be their only salvation. The rise of Theramore Isle offered them trade and a brief period of stability to the reach. Trade continued with Southshore, Hillsbrad and Ambermill on the mainland, while a single merchant vessel braved the dangerous waters off the coast of Kalimdor to trade with the people of Theramore, many of whom were sons and daughters of Lordaeron themselves.

While too old and feeble to go to war himself, when the Argent Crusade rose up to take the fight to Prince Arthas and his scourge, Lord Edwin sent his two sons on a long voyage to Howling Fjord where they would join forces with another Lordaeron house and aid the Grand Alliance in pushing back the vrykul. The pair fought valiantly against the vrykul, marching with the Alliance toward their final destination of Icecrown Citadel. While Sir Erryk made the journey home after Arthas was defeated, his elder brother Aemon did not.

Returning home to find his father in failing health, his children in fear for their lives and his people speaking of a new plague just miles south of where they stood, Erryk sent his Cousin Reston and what little remained of their guard to aid the people of Hillsbrad against the forsaken onslaught. Hillsbrad was all but decimated and were it not for Lord Crowley's dark gift to some of the survivors, Reston himself would have joined the forsaken in undeath. Now afflicted with the worgen curse, Reston returned to the reach to bring his Cousin and his lord the ill news.

With Lord Edwin's health failing, the food stores of the reach depleted and forsaken vessels patrolling the waters off the northern shores, the Thorns find themselves desperate for aid, but not without hope. Having learned of a new claimant to the Throne of Lordaeron and the rise of many groups seeking to rebuild what has been lost, Sir Erryk has made the long journey to Stormwind, seeking aid for his house and for his people.

IC/OOC Goals

* To bring stability back to our people, forge new alliances and rebuild what has been lost.

* To work together with other Lordaeron-based guilds, defending our lands and people from the merciless warlord, Garrosh Hellscream and the new scourge, led by Sylvanas Windrunner.

* To offer something positive to Moon Guard's RP community and in so doing, build relationships with other guilds that share a similar mindset and focus.

If you are a fan of George R.R. Martin and his style of writing, you will no doubt enjoy the dark and often tragic stories of house Thorn and its members.

Our website is http://housethorn.shivtr.com/
Good luck! It looks good and I truly believe you've got the ingredients for something long-term here.
Frequently Asked Questions

How large is your guild and what time does the RP usually happen? We are a smaller guild that values quality over quantity. As a late night guild, our usual hours of play vary, but there will often be activity between 8pm realm time and onward into the early morning hours.

Where is the majority of your RP located?
The majority of the guild's RP currently takes place near Stormwind, the Eastern Plaguelands and parts of Kalimdor.

What type of guild is <House Thorn>?
We are a Heavy Role play guild with a focus on character development through ongoing, story driven role play. We occasionally PvP and do PvE content, but our primary focus will always be on quality roleplay.

What requirements do you have for joining?
We look for experienced roleplayers who understand and enjoy story-driven roleplay that mostly takes place outside the major cities. We do not accept members under the age of eighteen due to the content of some of our stories. There will be no exceptions to this rule. We will always remain small and as such, we do our best to maintain good relations with other, larger guilds and foster server-wide RP.

What races will you accept?
We accept humans, dwarves, worgen and night elves.

What classes do you accept?
We accept all classes, though Death Knights and warlocks will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Is there a level requirement? No. We accept characters of all levels, because a character's level is no indication of the player's ability as a writer and we seek good writers, first and foremost. If we like your character concept, we'll gladly help you level a new toon.

Are you currently recruiting?
The answer is yes and no... We tend to have a slightly different approach when it comes to finding our members and generally they come to us through IC interaction. We don't really care much about guild perks, showing IC strength in numbers, etc. and would much rather enjoy a smaller, close-knit guild atmosphere where people of like mind can feel at ease. While we gladly participate in role play with other guilds, we treat our guild as an online sanctuary and as such, we like to get to know people before inviting them into our home.

What is your application process like?
Simply click on "Apply to guild" fill out the application form and press "Submit". We will review your application and if we think you might be a good fit for the guild, an IC interview (We'll want to have you RP with a few of our members before joining, as stated above.) will be scheduled at an officer's convenience. You may contact Erryk or Aubrye with any questions.

Why do you refer to the forsaken as the new scourge? Are you Scarlets?
While we do believe (IC) that Sylvanas Windrunner has become no better than Arthas Menethil and her forsaken armies are every bit as much a threat to the living people of Azeroth as the scourge, we are not Scarlet Crusaders. We simply believe that the world would be better off without the forsaken and we do not consider them to be in the same category as the rest of the horde. OOC, we love you rotting corpses and hope to engage in cross-faction RP battles with some of you ;-)

Current Guild Level: 8

Recruiting Status: Open. Please apply via our website, http://housethorn.shivtr.com/

What we offer our members

* Guild Bank Access (Crafting mats, gear, enchants, gems, glyphs, etc.)

* Paid Repairs

* OOC Chat Channel

* Password Protected Ventrilo Server
House Thorn of Lordaeron

Home: Thorn's Reach - A small fortress on the north shores of Lordaeron.

Sigil: A Kraken

Words: To The Bitter End.

People of the reach

Erryk Thorn: Age 33. Lord of Thorn's Reach. Currently leading an expedition to Pandaria.

Sir Jon Cresson: Age 41. One of the two remaining Knights sworn to defend the reach.

Sir Martin Wells: Age 64. Former Knight of Lordaeron and chief military adviser to the Thorns.

Reston Thorn: Age 43. Edwin's Nephew and Captain of the guard.

Sera Thorn: (Deceased) Sir Erryk's wife and mother to Edric and Willem.

Edric Thorn: Sir Erryk's eldest son. A boy of ten. Currently serving as acting Lord of the Reach.

Willem Thorn: Sir Erryk's son. A boy of seven.

Stella Thorn: (Deceased) Wife to Sir Everett Gray.

Merrideth Thorn: Age 31. Widow of Sir Michael Cerwynn. Last known to be on Theramore Isle.

Jeyne Thorn: Age 27. Wife to Captain Stephon Wells. Resides in Surwich.
09/18/2012 05:25 PMPosted by Darohn
Good luck! It looks good and I truly believe you've got the ingredients for something long-term here.

Thanks for the well-wishes. It's good to be back on Moon Guard! If things go as well as we've anticipated, we'll likely be transferring our other alliance characters as well.
Ah. The Norwood estate used to be just north of Andorhal before Lordaeron's fall. So we're from somewhat similar backgrounds just with minor differences. But those differences are enough to separate the two. We'll invite you to some events or maybe have some meetings, see if we can't get you guys some exposure and what not. If you'd like, of course.
*nods* We're certainly looking forward to meeting characters from the guilds we've been keeping an eye on for a while now and we'd like to interact with as many Lordaeron-based guilds as possible. I've tried to keep up with current server-lore and I have to say I'm quite impressed with some of what I've read.
09/18/2012 06:05 PMPosted by Erryk
*nods* We're certainly looking forward to meeting characters from the guilds we've been keeping an eye on for a while now and we'd like to interact with as many Lordaeron-based guilds as possible. I've tried to keep up with current server-lore and I have to say I'm quite impressed with some of what I've read.

There is quite a few, yes. Probably the longest running and most successful to date is the League of Lordaeron. A great bunch of RPers. I was with them for a while and had a blast. There are quite a few House guilds based in Lordaeron, the Blood of Lordaeron, and.. that's all I can really think of right now. And us, of course.

Lordaeron definitely seems to be a focal point for most. We've somewhat distanced ourselves on the whole 'reclaiming' Lordaeron thing for now though since there's a massive influx of campaigns and crusades to retake it.
Eeee, looking forward to roleplaying with you guys! Your guild sounds very fun.

Also, bend the knee to the Red Queen as all righteous men and women of Lordaeron ought!
Why would you delete a post that said the same thing and add on to it? Why not just edit it.
Also, bend the knee to the Red Queen as all righteous men and women of Lordaeron ought!

Just commenting on this.

If you seriously do intend to get in contact with the House of Albrecht's claimant to the crown, writing a letter to her is probably the best bet. Of course, we don't expect anyone to "accept" her claim, but if you'd like to be involved in the storyline it's open to the server.

I've been following the storyline since it began and I've certainly been impressed with the way it's been handled. I've read some of the stories on your guild's website and that's when I decided it was time to make the move back to Moon Guard. Blizzard's writers leave a lot to be desired and in many cases, players have done better. I've always respected those who have been able to bring a greater depth to the game's story by creating their own lore and do so in a way that adds to what exists.

IC, the Thorns have been hoping for years that someone would rise up and unite the people of Lordaeron with the purpose of rebuilding what was lost. You'll certainly be hearing from us soon.

Eeee, looking forward to roleplaying with you guys! Your guild sounds very fun.

Also, bend the knee to the Red Queen as all righteous men and women of Lordaeron ought!

Thanks for the warm welcome!
A new hope

The rain fell hard that morning, the banners atop the twin towers twisting in the wind as the waves crashed hard upon the stony shores below. The hall was damp and cold, a single fire burning in the great stone hearth as men sat at the long table before it. Lord Edwin was seated in his high back chair, swaddled like a newborn in his heavy fur cloak as his gaze swept the room. He looked older and more feeble then than Erryk had ever seen him and they all knew it would be by the Light's divine intervention alone if he was to survive another winter.

"I received this just before dawn..." Lord Edwin began, leaning forward and sliding a letter across the table. "It would seem our prayers have been answered at long last." He continued, watching as Erryk took up the parchment and began to read.

The letter in question was a transcription of a notice that had been posted in Stormwind, informing the sons and daughters of Lordaeron that Lady Albrecht had made claim to the Throne, seeking to unite the people and take back their beloved Kingdom. Erryk's eyes showed a faint glimmer of hope as he read the would-be Queen's words, lips moving as he almost silently recited the last. Join now with your brothers and sisters and shed blood knowing that for every drop of ichor spilled, that you will win yourselves crowns of martyrdom and a place eternal within the Holy Flame.

Edric and Willem looked to their father then, excitement in their eyes. Erryk met their eyes with a sad smile, recalling the last time he was forced to leave them and go to war. They were all he had left to remind him of his beloved Sera and Erryk knew that without the aid of his countrymen, they and all the people of the reach might suffer the same fate as Southshore and Hillsbrad--if they didn't starve first during the coming winter. "Go on, boys. Back to your practice while I speak with your Grandfather." He told them, hoping to spare them the details of what was to come. Their expressions darkened at his words, but both boys did as they were told and left the hall.

Edwin looked to his son, rising from his seat and pacing in front of the hearth as the rain fell harder outside. "I'm writing a letter to the Queen and I want you to deliver it, Erryk. We have no warships... Our fishing vessels cannot sail with the forsaken at our doorstep and without allies, the reach will surely fall by winter. You will go to Stormwind, deliver my letter and swear fealty to the new Queen, that she may be merciful and aid us with enough food to last the winter."

Erryk swallowed hard, knowing quite well what was being asked of him. He was raised to be a soldier--to fight wars for Kings and Queens, not consort with them. If Aemon were alive, this would have been his task and one he was far better suited for.

Edwin knew that look in his son's eyes, the fear of failing those he loved. "You are my son, Erryk. I know you will not fail me. You'll see this war through to the bitter end." He told him.

"Aye. To the bitter end." Erryk replied, his expression grim as the weather that morning.
This looks great. I'd be interested to interact with you guys, if you want some Gilnean-Lordaeronian inter-nation roleplay. I might throw you a whisper in-game tomorrow.
Looking forward to it. After all, Gilneas and Lordaeron are facing the same enemy.
^.^ Welcome to the server.
At first I was sad because I was thinking about putting in an application for <Serve With Honor> then I remembered I have characters on this realm too.

Bumps for you!
09/19/2012 07:26 AMPosted by Magdaleine
Looking forward to it. After all, Gilneas and Lordaeron are facing the same enemy.


Mistreatment at the hands of Blizzard's story department.

Gilneas at least got a tree in Darnassus. What did Lordaeron get? We lost two settlements in the last expansion while Tirion Fordring and his Argent Crusaders hold anything that might even be even remotely inhabitable.

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