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Hello. I am considering starting an alliance priest (human) for RP purposes. I am not as well-versed in lore as I'd like to be, but I am working on that.

Would it be plausible for my character to have been mostly brought up in the SW Orphanage? I wanted to make it so that she was placed there when she was about six or seven after her parents died, but I am not terribly familiar yet with the whole WoW timeline thing. This has probably been asked before and I did google it, but came up empty. Probably not searching for the right thing. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
if they died with the orcs first invasion of azeroth she would be in her late 20's

you could also make it so the parents died because of any reason though i guess
It is acceptable for her to be brought up in the Orphanage.

I've had this same issue before; there are two different timelines if I recall correctly the official and unofficial one. Then again there seems to be many more. O.o


I would suggest to just go with what you feel comfortable with in your characters story and what's believable. Not too many people are going to dig in and question your RP story.

With all my character they don't just become what they are over night. It usually starts with me making a name, then running around for a few levels, and finally interacting with other players. At this point my characters personality starts to come out and I improvise most the time. It may not work for everyone, but it works for me. I rewrite my profiles time to time as well...but I do have a basic idea of what I want in my characters.
My hunter and priest are RPed as orphaned siblings who grew up in the Orphanage; they had been found roaming around pretty much feral and malnourished in the Thunderfalls region by an old Priest and taken to the Orphanage (ages 6 and 3 respectively). Its believed their parents were killed by members of the Defias Brotherhood.

I find, given how many orphans we see running around in-game that its very likely that a person can RP their character as having being one of them at some point in their past.
But wait Uther was young during the first war and in the third you can clearly see that he's growing some white and then add the ten years of world of warcraft and I don't think you get a twenty year old.
From what I recall, Warcraft's timeline basically goes as such:

Year 0: First War takes place, ultimately ending in Stormwind's loss after at least a year of fighting.
Year 6: Second War takes place/is finished up by this point.
Year 20: Start of WC3.
Year 21: Up to the end of TFT.
Year 25: WoW's starting point.

...And every year of real life time has supposedly corresponded to a year of WoW's timeline since then.

And in the future, please don't bring up threads that haven't had any active discussions in several months/years.
09/19/2012 10:37 AMPosted by Burgalveist

WoWwiki. Stahp.

Use instead: http://www.wowpedia.org/Timeline

There are significant differences. I recommend the "Timeline (unofficial)" page but, then, I worked on it.

As to your question, yes, you could have grown up in the orphanage. If you were orphaned by the First War, you'd be in your late twenties at most.

What's important to note is that you'd have been evacuated to Lordaeron before coming back to Stormwind in the six years between the orcs' invasion and the end of the Second War, so be sure to make mention of that.

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