The Knight's Rush Recruitment (PVP Guild)

Wyrmrest Accord
Welcome Ladies and Gentleman of all stature and sizes, The Knight's Rush is Recruiting. It is a newly founded Guild primarily based on PVP and PVE progression, More PVP overall. We also do appreciate Light RP for those who like a story behind a character as much as I do. Activites TKR is involved in is Group based BG's, Wargames, World PVP (Lots of that), Strategizing and deep discussion of abilities and talents, as well as RBG's along with Arena's for next season.

TKR is led by passionate veteran pvper's and are looking for individual's that share the same interest, We have no age requirement but we do ask that you act in a mature manner and carry with you a presence that makes TKR stand out in a glorified manner. That goes along with no griefing. I will go into a list of certain requirements for people who are interested in RBG's for next season.

1 - Skype, An automatic no go if you don't have skype or a mic as well speak the english language.
2 - PVP Gear, Of that season.. No exceptions. You wanna PVP, You need gear..
3 - experience helps out alot in the final decision making but I'am always willing to take new people in and show them helpful strategies

If their are any questions and as well as point's that were not hit in this thread, Please do not refrain to either leave a message or contact me in-game. Be safe and have a blessed day.
Can people join the guild with a set of gear that dates to last season's (Ruthless), but work on getting Cataclysmic before running RBGs? Sometimes a few players might be behind but can't find the right people to help give them advice on a particular spec / class.
That's completely fine, The guild and its members are there to teach as well advise it's members on whatever information they require on the spec, gemming, enchants required for that class. All we ask is that we see some initiative in your progression towards the learning experience of your class, As that one individuals improvement means an improvement towards the guild.
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