Wrath of the Lich King Expansion, Now Free?

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Hey, Just got back from the dead, personally I never thought I would grow to like WoW more than Battlefield and NFS. Anyways, I was out for a month due extreme lagging which led to my eventual uninstalling of WoW then re-installing it, Then I noticed that I was automatically on Wrath of the Lich King Expansion, though I don't recall buying, winning, or entering any contest that gained me the expansion since I was only up to BC (yep I'm a newbie). I don't know what could have caused this but this time it's official. I was level 70 then next thing I knew I was 71! Was this because MoP is out or is it because I created an account on a US PvP Server?
Not sure what you're on about but anyway the WoTLK is included in the Battle Chest. So if you previously only have the battle chest but not the other expansions (wotlk, cata, panda) then you now automatically own WoTLK for free. If you had bought the WoTLK then there's no difference, you just spent extra money on getting it earlier.

A day before this happened I dreamt that I bought wotlk expansion then the day after we all got it for free. I guess dreams do come true heheh.

Yes, I have read that too! But still, it can't believe I didn't pay a single dollar! Plus I bought the Battle Chest last July, curious as to how I was able to qualify for that freebie. I love you Blizz!
So does this mean I have it if I bought the battle chest when it was on sale?
Yes Lich king is now part of the battle chest.
Sorry this pissed me off. My dad bought me the Battle Pack for Christmas and all expacs up to Cataclysm now I feel he was ripped off by blizzard for still selling retail copies. That money could have been spent on food or whatever but not 2 40$ blank discs

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