UD vs Orc

Death Knight
I was thinking about rolling a new DK and have been debating which race to run with. I am planning on trying unholy out. I just want to know if the UD racial could be useful with the fear bombing going on.
My other dk is undead for the racials one more anti fear is lulz and I believe the new passive racial scales with unholy mastery I could be wrong tho.

Orc is nice as well .

Pick based off what u like to look at the only racial that's a must have realy is human ATM..
This is for PvP btw
Since Unholy's Mastery buffs the proc? It could very well be worth it. Even Frost DK's will likely gain with it though they would be missing out on some nice haste options. To be honest that Touch of the Grave thing has me a lil jealous as Alliance.
09/19/2012 04:04 PMPosted by Atomicmass
This is for PvP btw

I only pvp

Blood Fury
2 Min DPS CD

2% damage for your pet and minions (Gurth Proc,army,Frost/blood ghoul)

Axe Specialization
1% expertise with axes

Stun duration reduced by 15% stacks with meta (10%) and stacks with Frost presence (20%)
35-45% reduction in Stun duration.

Gnome Crushing shoulders
(Vanilla players might remember this remark from netheara)
09/19/2012 04:26 PMPosted by Doomguard
Gnome Crushing shoulders

You'd never do something like that to me.
Went from Orc to UD, both are good fyi. Play whatever u like to look the most at.

However with probable abundance of shadow/locks next season UD > ORC.

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