MoP's Goblin vs Gnomish Engineering

As an Engineer, I am constantly conflicted between the Goblin and Gnomish masters of the art... of Engineering.

On one hand Goblins enjoy making oftentimes suicidal, yet powerful bombs

Gnomes... nudey glasses!

I like them both. However, I do not know which I would prefer in the coming expansion. Does anyone have any links or references or ideas of where I might find some information on the two choices and what they can provide me in the near future? Knowing in advance could save me some time and effort. Thanks! :D
Well, Gnomes are always superior to Goblins. However....

The thread below may help you. I did a quick google search on the subject and could only find speculation and ideas, but nothing solid.

Hopefully this helps at least a little bit.
You've probably already made up your mind, but why not level two engineers. I'm doing that cause I want the Goblin flying machine in MOP. Like you, I've always been conflicted. I maxed Gnomish, but want the Goblin goodies too. So, I'm leveling another engineer. But I just earned my Loremaster AND Insane in the Membrane Titles, so I'm a grinder, and probably not the best one to give advice on grinding another profession. I still say level another one. Cheers.
Generally speaking the gnomes build gadgets and the goblins build stuff that blows up. Past xpacks had some real choices to be made. Anyone remember the goblin rocket launchers in TBC? In MoP engineers seem to make the same thing however the colors are different depending on whether or not it is a gnomish or goblin thing. I don't think there is really that much of a difference anymore, at least looking at end-game recipes.

The only difference that still exists is the destination of your transporters for old world and Outlands content. So if you need a quick way to get to Winterspring, be sure to pick Goblin.
Gnomish is best

Goblins build big bombs and if you have engineering you like to have a fun profession, sooo...

goblins have a more consistent route but gnomes have more random inventions, sooo...

basically I'm saying, it's probably more fun...

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