Prot Warrior LF MOP Raiding Guild

I am a Prot Warrior LF MOP Raiding guild. I prefer a weekday guild from 7-1 EST. I am 8/8 HM DS. Looking for a active guild that wants to down bosses in MOP. Add my Battletag: Hemptimus#1161 or Post here.
Hey man, I added ya in game, but if you want then go ahead and take a look at my thread, too.

We're a newly transferred guild, looking for great players to help progress through MoP.

Look forward to hearing from ya!
Hey! My guild just moved here ill add you in game to talk. Here is a link to our forum post and a link to our guild Website. These both are recruiting for new raiding cores but i think we could fit u in our Main core group 8/8 heroic.

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