3 Players Tank healers DPS lfg 10pm-1am est

Hello All Guilds Looking for people

We are looking for a 25 man guild. A little bit about us..
Player 1 and 2 both quit the game after the first tier of Cata due to the 25man guild we were in switched to ten man we ran with them as part of the core 10 man but we wanted a 25man so over time it grew boring so we took a break from the game. PLAYER 3 played through the second tier of raids in cata but ended up quiting due to real life.

All three players are back with a vengence for some real 25man raiding no real life issues. we are a group of people who have helped run guilds before and have an unbelievably good attendance record to all raid nights.

What we are looking for ....

We are looking for A Guild that runs 2-3 days a week .. Tuesday Wend and Thursday.

We are looking for a guild that can full clear all content and meta's (we all like flying mounts after all :P)

Are last few guilds either the gm quit, or people gave up, or became a 10man every week because they would only have 15 people show up to each raid...

looking for
EST 10pm-1am
CST 9pm-12am
PST 7pm-10pm
can run a little later if need be

Player 1 Toons
Druid Tank/Feral (Main As Tank)
Rogue DPS

Player 2 Toons
Druid Healer

Player 3
Warlock Dps (Affliction/Destro)
Shaman Resto/Ele(Main as resto)

We are willing to play any toons that are listed!
If you have any question u can contact me by battle tag id :ranger24#1176

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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