How much % DPS this nerfed turned to be 4 U ?

about 8% straight DPS lost for me on dummy (should be a little lower on raid target that I could had spammed execute).
I don't have the numbers but using recount, before nerf I was top 3 - 5 on any battlefield. Now I'm in 7 - 10 range and sometimes lower :(
My crits are about 60% lower than before the patch....

so it's pretty !@#$ing %^-*ty.
As Fury or Arms? Because I'm far above that for Fury
Arms spec here, went th tipical rotation (didn't used my CD's as I just parsed for around 5min)
As arms I lost about 10%.
Seems like I've lost around 5-10% comparing dummy tests.
09/21/2012 12:25 PMPosted by Drunkbeard
Mine was also as Arms, but I use cooldowns and potions for dummy tests to get closer to raid results.

Alright, because my parses on a dummy were as Fury with only Battle Shout and the normal rotation and I was somewhere around 45-47k
Were these at 85 or 90?

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