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Moon Guard
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All of you in earshot,
listen good and listen well!
here comes a might unrivaled
with a fury straight from hell!

Make way for our grand spectacle
and move yourselves aside!
The Burning Tusk Tribe comes this way
in all its mirth and pride!

We've marched across this tarnished land
and claimed it as our own,
and those who think it differently
will meet our fists of stone!

For through our hardships and our strife,
we've made this place our home
so tell your scribes to mark this day
and scribble in their tomes:

Today you saw the Burning Tusk
in all is strength and glory,
marching through their tribal lands
to spread their noble story

And though we seem a grisly bunch
and stab your heart with fear
I'll tell the tale of how we formed
if you'll but lend an ear

For though we band of brothers
hail from distant lands afar
we forged our strength together
and we bore each others' scars

We'll fight for all that we hold dear,
steadfast from dawn to dusk,
and none shall stand against our might!

Hi and welcome to the Burning Tusk Tribe's recruitment thread! We are a horde RP guild that does PVE and PVP in order to enhance our RP. We encourage our members to be active in more than just RP; during Cataclysm we successfully completed all normal 10-man content and intend to do the same during Mists! We also have many members whom are highly invested in PVP and we encourage that.

Guild Offerings and Events:

BTT has been around for over 6 years, having transferred to Moon Guard 5 years ago from Blackwater Raiders. We have all the niceties of larger guilds such as guild perks, guild banks, vent server, and a professional website combined with the essentials that make a guild, especially an RP guild, so comfortable: pleasant people, constant RP, and high levels of activity.

We are a highly social and active guild even though most of our members, in character, feel they do not fit in with the traditional horde. We enjoy hosting parties, headhunting, hunts, events, auctions, shows, lectures; whatever fits our fancy!

In the past we have held five Winters' Veil parties, numerous Love is in the Air balls, half a dozen date auctions, over a dozen lectures on history and bettering oneself, and so much more. We have a weekly meeting every Thursday evening, followed by the Burning Tusk Tavern in World's End Tavern in Shattrath. Our calendar is often brimming with events, both large and small, for our members to attend and we encourage initiative and drive on the part of our members to make the guild what they want.


The basic history of the Tribe, including all the details of the publicly acknowledged chain of events that lead to the acceptance of less traditional races being welcomed into the Tribe, can be found on our website at www.burningtusktribe.com where you will also find our rules, and manners in which to apply! I understand the idea that elves or forsaken or goblins residing in a Tribe may be confusing to some and I accept that. The Burning Tusk Tribe began as a racially exclusive guild (with only trolls and orcs being made welcome), however during the past 6 years the RP of the Tribe has changed along with the in game lore we are given to the point that, if we didn't have such a connection to the name, we may not use it any more. All horde races work together at all levels of politics and military in game, including the elite guards, and we feel no need to deviate from this level of acceptance that the horde has shown to our allies.


Website: www.burningtusktribe.com
Guild Level: 25
Vent: 50 man
Chieftess: Urukha
Elders: Zeyda, Chartusk, Jindal, Pipiltin
Application and Interview required, starting at the website!
In character guild chat, out of character officer chat
Alignment: Varies. Most are Neutral or Lawful/Neutral, at least publicly.
Guild Promo is here;


IC offerings;

*Tavern night every Friday
*Guild meetings every Thursday
*Once a month Horrible Movie night streaming with chatrooms!
*Several awesome rp rolling events
*Once a quarter server wide rp events!

OOC offerings

*Level 25
*Limited bank access and repairs
*50 Man ventrilo server
*Full website with lots of posts every day!
*OOC card game night
*Much much more!
<Stamps Pip's forehead with Hal's seal of approval>
Great to see you guys are still around! =]
We are! Just had a leadership type of exchange so we are focusing more on community rp and extending our internal rp.
Fiery Hail! Thanks for reading!

Looking forward to Mists? So are we! Care to join us in the adventure?

*sits in the middle of the thread, humming to herself*
Will be finishing up the tribe promo tonight or tomorrow!
09/21/2012 01:47 PMPosted by Selvasha
Great to see you guys are still around! =]
*stealths around, licking things*
09/23/2012 01:24 PMPosted by Seleste
Great to see you guys are still around! =]

And better than ever!
Just finished the promo will mod the original thread so it has it!
Great promo! Looks like those folks have all kinds of fun, doesn't it? :D
Until Ash Bump!
Awww yiss.
Pandaria here we come!
Take your time and sightsee or burn through to 90, but above all have fun! We sure are.

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