[A] <Kerberos> is recruiting for MoP

Emerald Dream
<Kerberos> is looking to fill our core Raid Group for Mist of Pandaria Raiding. <Kerberos> is a Level 25 guild on Emerald Dream - US and is currently 7/8 H.DS 10M. We Raid Wed and Thurs 11:30PM-2PM Server. We are a laid back and Friendly guild. <Kerberos> will be attempting End Game Raiding for MoP the first week it is released! We are currently looking for a few good DPS. Also recruiting for a Raid Lead for our second group. All are welcome to Apply.

Who: <Kerberos>
What: Recruiting for Mist of Pandaria
Where: Emerald Dream - US

Druid - Closed
Death Knight - Open (DPS Prefer)
Paladin - Closed
Shaman - Closed
Priest - Open (DPS Prefer)
Mage - Closed
Warlock - Open
Hunter - Closed
Rogue - Closed
Warrior - Closed
Monk - Open
RL - Group 2 LF Raid Lead

Please contact Jerikco or Pinkfroyd in Game for more information.
I am interested.
Here is my post
can you leave ur battletag so i can contact u ingame ?
bump for a long standing guild
thanks for bump

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