Returned to server, looking for a good home

Earthen Ring
Hi all,

I recently decided to pick my gang of toons up on ER again, along with planning to move my main back(probably on the 28th, and I will get getting the xpac then as well), and hopefully find a friendly casual 10s guild. Because of my work schedule, the times I can raid are either weekends or after 11pm sever, but I know that guilds like that are sparse, and I'm fine with just helping out others in 5-mans and the like(even LFR, even though my computer hates it). RP guilds are good; strictly PvP-focused guilds not so much.

I like being around fun people who can joke around and then focus when needed and who are open to everyone's opinion as far as how to overcome a challenge, or, if we're having trouble, know when to switch gears and do something else for a bit.

About me: I've been both a tank and raid healer on my co-mains(holy pally/resto druid), and have experience with all four current healing classes, albeit the least on my shaman. I can dps when needed - I just get very nervous when I do and am not the greatest at it. I think with good teachers to give advice on what to do, I can get better and help out in that role. My druid is also guardian OS and the same as above applies - I want to get better, but I'd like to get some confidence up on her with people who won't act like LFD groups do.

My toons(long list incoming, sorry >.<):
  • Rhiiannon - 85 Human Holy/Ret Paladin - raiding main in Cata and currently on Medivh
  • Lanatha - 85 Nelf Resto/Guardian Druid
  • Cyerra - 85 Nelf Arcane/Fire Mage
  • Amavrya - 85 Nelf Combat/Sub Rogue
  • Ilonia - 85 Draenei Disc/Shadow Priest
  • Tayrina - 85 Dwarf Resto/Enhance Shammy
  • Eryia - 85 Human BM/MM Hunter
  • If you look at Rhiiannon's armory, you can see the actual experience I've had raiding, but to make it quicker: BD 6/6N, BoT 4/4N, TotFW 2/2N, 6/7 FL(would love to go back to kill Rags and get more than just Shannox on heroic someday - that '7' just bugs me), 8/8N DS(again, a place I'd like to see some heroic modes on).

    You can find me primarily on Lanatha right now and even if I'm not able to be on for a long time, I still jump on to check mail. :)

    If you've read the wall o'text, I very much appreciate it! :)

    (Forgot one thing - no problem with Horde myself, however, my checking account and current financial state take issue with it)
    Word is Bond is a brand new guild, we are about to be level 2 and have 2 bank tabs. We like to drink and kill horde and stuff. Send me a tell in game and I will send you my in game mail application to fill out. Hope to see you soon! :)
    Its too bad that you don't have the money to come Horde :P

    Good luck to you though.

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