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Is a new raiding guild reforming on Stormreaver looking for experienced players to fill our ranks for serious Mists of Pandaria progression. We aim to enjoy ourselves while still pushing our way through content while it's current. Our guild is built on a foundation of experienced and skilled raiders, we will be striding for serious progression. We are currently in need of healers for our core 10 man group but are accepting all players and classes to expand our ranks and work towards two 10 mans and eventually a 25 man group.

Raid times are currently set for:

Tueday: 8-11
Wednesday: 8-11
Sunday: 8:30+ for cleanup

Whisper Tarlak, Tessanna, or Mccrick in game for more information or an invite.
Shameless self bump
Chest bump.
raid time please !~
Raid times are still up in the air, but at the moment they are Tueday 7-12 Wednesday 10-1 Sunday 8:30+ for cleanup
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stormreaver: home of the crappy 10 man guild population
We appreciate the bump
Stormreaver, home of the angry hunters.
enh shaman would love to be part of the core group if a spot open or just join for fun! The raid schedule is perfect for me. pst me in game :)

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