Penumbrius and the "proto-brood"

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Up until now I've done the quests without giving it a second thought, but this will have been the tenth time I've done the quest "Into the Wild Green Yonder" in Icecrown. What's the deal with the bronze proto-drakes, are they somehow more intelligent than the other proto-drake flights in that they can work in co-operation with a bronze dragon like Penumbrius? What's the story here? Last I checked these proto-drakes were big animals like any other before the titans made the dragonflights. They're serving as mounts for countless vrykul and living in storm peaks and scholazar with far less social organization than, say, wyrmrest keep. And yet the bronze proto-drakes somehow managed to "agree" to help the argent crusade. explain!
Just because they are of animal intelligence doesn't mean it would be impossible to communicate with them, especially for Bronze Dragons.

In Howling Fjord for example, thanks to a bit of magic, the player is able to not only communicate, but have a reasonably intelligent conversation with a wolf.
One thing to keep in minds is that Proto Dragons are, well... proto... dragons. They're not as evolved or intelligent as their breathren, but they still possess very draconic characteristics. They live in vast broods, they have communal nesting, they're apex predators.
It's like a wolf in real life,relatively "stupid" by human standards,but still intelligent in its own right

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