<LoW> 25 man LFM for Progression 16/16N 3/16H

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That Saif and his mischievous ways!
Just an angry boy who likes to use ad hominem attacks even though he is always wrong.

Loving it saif, the guild's been amazing since you, aza and dardi left, like all the drama has just disappeared now shoo you imbecile.

Other then that little mess with some cry babies, LoW is recruiting exceptional DPS apply at lowguild.com, all exceptional applications will be considered.
Drama in a recruitment thread. What is the world coming to?
So rude Saif.
Not raiding Squid?
10/09/2012 10:59 PMPosted by Bitmad
Drama in a recruitment thread. What is the world coming to?

I know right, it's like their social lives are so bad they have to try to cause trouble on a forum. It's not enough that they kept crying on our guild forums and got banned from it, I guess.

Still looking for those exceptional DPS :).
Recruiting Dps Monks, DK dps, Mage, Enh/Ele Shaman, Feral druid and all exceptional raiders.
Greil's a n00b
Is <LoW> a rude guild???
At what point does a guild drop their Heroic Dragon Soul progression from their title??

saying you downed all content on heroic sounds so much better than saying you're 1/6 or 4/6 reg

Just like when you were advertising as being realm1 when you got back to FM, when in reality it was Dath realm1.

Not that you were part of NV's progression anyway.

ss of me ever saying im realm 1 plz
10/14/2012 05:08 AMPosted by Flamestorm
ss of me ever saying im realm 1 plz

How every single raid you've ever been in... :D

Is <LoW> a rude guild???

Not really, how could Lots of Whales be rude at all? If anything we're just abit fishy. Although I do enjoy killing horde who hit me during dailies! Now that's so fun <3.

Still looking for some more exceptional dps!

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