My Army of One vs. Botters and Blizz

So, instead of stomping my feet and crying like a spoiled little moo moo druid, I truly have declared war on botters (and continue to throw huge *tsk tsk*'s to Blizz). Today, the story begins in full of automation.

I would first like to say that my professions are herbalism and inscription. It doesn't matter to me which kind of herbs I mill, as long as I mill cata herbs. I have found it easier for me to farm whiptail in Uldum. I don't spend a lot of time doing so and come away with about 600 herbs.

I noticed in Uldum that it seemed I was competing with a lot of different toons for the same herbs (I swoop down, start herbing, they swoop down and attempt as well). Then, I began to notice that when those toons were dismounted, they used very basic attacks to kill the mobs that interrupted their herbing. Then I began to notice these toons followed strict flight paths, acted near mechanical/automated in flight. I even messaged those same-factioned toons and received no response. I already knew after the first few indicators these toons might be botting. So I started reporting each and everyone that exhibited this behavior. This has been going on for well over 3 weeks. This morning, I started taking names (after another 6 reports).

Now, there were several others I noticed over the past few weeks and will continue to document those as well.

The point of this thread is that I am fed up with competing with botters for materials I spend my personal time obtaining. Sure I would love to set my flight form on auto flight and fly around collecting what I need when I'm not sitting at the keyboard, but I follow the rules, do what little I can for the HORRIBLE economy on Proudmoore AND try to make my experience the most it can be.

The reason for my posting a thread is simple. Blizzard isn't doing anything about the reports I've been making (even when the evidence is so compelling and the botting so obvious). I do belive that one voice can be loud enough to promote action, but I'm feeling a little betrayed by the lack of response/action I'm receiving thus far. I ask Proudmoorians that farm in the uldum area (or any other area where you might notice botting activity) to also make reports of such behavior. All you would really need to do is look at the AH, search under Whiptail (since I farm in Uldum..and whiptail one of the greatest materials of the region) and notice the countless auctions for stacks of whiptail (usually by one player (probably a bank alt)). If each of us, took 1 sec away from farming to report this suspicious behavior, maybe Blizz might take action. Maybe not. Gold buyers and farmers get banned, why not botters? Why haven't we (or me for that matter) been heard?
Mooysha---while I for one greatly appreciate anyone's efforts at dispensing with botters once and for all, you are not allowed to call players out by name in the forums, and are at risk of losing your posting rights.
I didn't realize! WHOOPSi-DAISY

Will remove.
It would probably have more of an effect if many other people also reported them. Still, I'm not sure if blizz would do anything though.
There's a couple reasons why botters aren't punished.

First of all, there has to be very valid proof that the person is indeed botting. His movements may be mechanical because he's flow this route hundreds of times. He may be auto attacking because he's distracted. He could very well be multiboxxing, meaning he's controlling 5 or so toons on five or so different servers, collecting herbs 5 times as fast.

You also need to be caught in the act. You may be botting, but you could also be alt tabbed. If a GM were to contact you, you would be right there to answer, technically being active, therefore not truly "botting" in that case.

Also, I believe blizzard once said that its ultimately not concerned with the botters themselves, just the programs they are using. From one stand point, its similiar to a "war on drugs". You could go out and actively ban every. single. player. that uses the botting programs, but thats a lot of time and effort, especially considering that the programs are ever changing and adapting. What blizzard likes to do is not ban the players, as they bring in the money, but rather figure out where the holes in their own programs are, patch those up, and block out the use of the botting software.

Is it perfect? No, but its the world we live it. Ultimately, your competition may be botting, but on the flip side, they very well could be regular players that are doing questionable, but not illegal, actions.
Negal's right.
09/16/2012 08:10 AMPosted by Nebliina
Mooysha---while I for one greatly appreciate anyone's efforts at dispensing with botters once and for all, you are not allowed to call players out by name in the forums, and are at risk of losing your posting rights.

Yep, but hes more then welcome to post the names on our site.

Mooysha you see me in game throw me a whisper I'll set you up with a publicly accessible forum to call them out all you like.

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