who is hotter?

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Pandaren ladies. Followed by Dwarf, Orc n Draenei as a three-way tie.
I find Orc males a very handsome, robust race < - not in an “attracted to” way, more like I wanna be one of them, take a sweet little belf babe down by the lake, bust out a fish feast and happy endings all round,
Oh, there will be screaming!
Draenei 4 votes
Blood elf 3
Night elf 3
Panda 2
Human 1
Orc 2
Dwarf 2
Goblin 1
Gnome 1
Blood Elves! Can't forget those rogues that went to Goldshire and kicked our Alliance butts.
Pandaren of course
I like draenei females and night elf males.
But if you're only counting females, then draenei for me.
being from WA i love me a cow
Draenei are the fairest in the land :)
Female Trolls have the best moves, watch them dance then try and tell me they wouldn't rock your world.
Hard to choose what I think is best. I can only say what female races I do not fancy. Gnomes (Ick!) Dwarves, tauren, Worgen.

I like orc women, they remind me of those huge muscle chicks from that show Gladiator, not to mention that seriously tawdry but equally awesome dance. If I had to round it down, it would come to two. Night Elves and Draenei. I hate both their dances, but they are nice to look at.

And I only choose races that I like to look at.
Doesn't really matter first rule of Warcraft is untill you have verified it in person with a DNA sample all felmale characters are played by 12 year old boys...
I wish I had the looks of Alexstrasza the Life-Binder. Giggity.
I just can't resist the sexy !@# and tight body of an undead female..

09/24/2012 05:51 AMPosted by Iw
Draenei (female).

Belf, duh.
Dear god draenei

Dat waggle, dat untapped potential when exposed to fel energy.

Awwwwww yeah.
I saw the thread and i was hoping its gonna be a ......... Miranda Kerr VS Elle Macpherson VS Jennifer Hawkins vs Emily Scott.

................Thanks for getting my hopes up
Why no undead? :D

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