cant change forum character

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Im not sure why, but I cant change the character I post on. I click on the character i want to change to, and nothing happens. Im stuck posting as pupadin.

*edit* when I clicked submit im on a different random character I did not choose. It shows me writing as pupadin, but sends a message as a random character. what do you recommend I do?
still seem to be having this problem..
I am also having this problem. I can only post on this Mage. When I try to click on the drop down menu nothing happens. I can however click on all the other links on the page, like character profile, guild name etc. I would really like to be able to post on other characters. TY.
iam having this issue too
I am also having this issue and no matter how often I search for a solution I can't seem to find one... Thus, this thread necro.

However, anyone know why sometimes that drop down menu just won't show up on this website?
Actually having this same issue myself. I can't click on the arrow, all it does is just take me to this characters profile.
The same, for a few days now. Rather annoying.
Same boat here, can't find a fix
You might want to check the date of the forum post before you necro.... this post is well over a year old. There are newer posts on this issue.

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