<After Midnight>14/14 Starting Heroics

Little bit of history lesson here!

"...After Midnight was established November 2008 on the release of WotLK. Previously known as Badges R US, a premier PuG and badge farming guild in the latter half of The Burning Crusade founded by a group of friends who came together and didn't want to join a progression guild with content on farm. Badges R US successfully ran regular server wide PuGs of all T4, T5 and T6 content excluding Sunwell Plateau. Just prior to the 3rd expansion guildies requested that in WotLK that BRU would move to a guild on progression guild and thus, After Midnight was born. After Midnight went onward to progress through all content during WotLK. However, prior to ICC being released, we moved to Turalyon-US where we became Ascendence. Several issues/conflicts/burnout caused several members to move onward to find their niche in the game! However, after some time, several of the original remaining core wanted to reform our beginnings, and thus After Midnight was reborn!

We are a guild made mostly of adult students, parents or busy professionals and we take that into consideration when we raid, meaning we do not like to waste time.

We are not a Hardcore Guild but we take RAID TIME very seriously and we certainly do not like unnecessary wipe fests. Drama is something we do not tolerate but we do take into consideration that everyone can't simply have a smiley face on everyday of the week either.

We expect you to be geared appropriately for the current progression we are attempting. We also expect the ability to get along well with others, the ability to take criticism, and to give/receive help from other guildies.

Our guild started out as a closed knit group of players who had raided with each other for a while and we intend to keep true to that feeling...."

Our raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Monday at 11pm EST - 2am EST.

If you are interested in applying, I am holding in game or vent interviews for the next coming week, please feel free to look me up on Feralicious, Nautica, or Hypnotica. Or just /who After Midnight and see who is online and ask for me!

We are currently 10/14 Normal and almost have Blackfuse down to continue to clear! The Raid Leader has 8/14h experience.

Thanks and look forward to seeing you around :)

I would be interested in talking with you about potentially taking one of your core healer spots as a Holy Paladin.

Feel free to message me in-game, and I will look for you as well. Also, please don't consider my current equipment/gems/enchants/professions/etc. as a reflection of how I would approach a raiding atmosphere.

Thanks for your time.
Up to the top with you! Needing some more warm and friendly bodies for fun Heroic Progression.
bumpity bump!

Still LF 2-3 Exception DPS for our later night raid group.

Come find us in game if you think you got what it takes to find out what happens After Midnight!!!!
It seems there are next to no 11 PM raiders on this server. Sadly my friends and I are horde otherwise I would most likely apply. Would give me some incentive to take this game somewhat seriously too.

Either way, GL with recruitment and progression!
If your ever looking for a tank Ill do it with school and a relationship late night raiding what Ill be able to do.
Yeah i feel the both of you. Likewise on the later night raiding with Ally side. If you guys ever do decide to come Ally side definitely look us up :) - best of luck to you guys as well and thanks for the bumps!

Still looking for 2-3 Exceptional DPS as well as 1 Healer (Priest/Shaman) preferred!

Hit us up!
Back up with you!
Back up with you for real!
Still looking for 2-3 Exceptional DPS (Ele Shaman/Mage/BM Hunter/DK) preferred - as well as 1 Healer (Shaman/Druid) preferred!
If you're still looking for DPS, I'm a Mage badly in need of a Raid.

I came back for MoP after a 3-4 month break, but alas nobody else in my guild's core 10 Dragon Soul group did. So after trying in vain for the few weeks right before and after MoP release trying to convince them to return, I find myself in a Level 25 guild where I'm one of only two people who've even logged on in 2-3 weeks. :(

Anyway, the philosophy you posted fits me very well. I'm a night owl who always stays up extremely late anyway even though I have a full-time (plus some) day job as an IT Network Admin. So your raid nights/times are perfect. I am a mature adult who has solid experience raiding in 10s, 25s and 40s going all of the way back to Vanilla, in various guilds on Turalyon (WOTLK to present) and Hellscream (Vanilla through BC). But I no longer have the time or desire to raid 5 nights a week for 5 hours a night, preferring to raid less hours but more effectively with a skilled group. I know my class well, come prepared to raids and I'm a super-fast learner. I read several theorycrafting sites/forums daily, and I'm a big-time macro, keybind and addon junkie.

PST me in-game if you're interested, or I'll try to find you. My only small issue right now is that since I started MoP late and was going 100% solo, I just dinged 90 two weeks ago and I'm a little behind on gear. But I'm running everything I can and making great iLVL strides almost every night, and I know what I need to do to keep progressing. (For example, I'll have an upgraded trinket when the Darkmoon Faire re-opens Sunday, etc.)
I will certainly look for you in-game, thank you for your interest :).

We will help in anyway to gear up folks as well. Just need to get some solid, competent players in here that are dedicated and will show up to raids ready to rock and roll.

We have been raiding using friends to fill spots over the past couple of weeks and thus our progress is not where it should be by now on live. Attendance/RL with a couple of core/etc have really bogged us down.

I'm looking to expand our core to some new folks that are looking to become part of a small family that have played together for years. We work very well together and we know each others play style pretty much in and out. We'd love to have that kind of synergy develop with new folks as well.

Anyhow, look forward to chatting with you :) take care!
/bump - officially updated to open recruitment for competent and dedicated healers and dps.

Would prefer the following classes / roles -

Shaman - Elemental/Resto - High
Rogue - Low
Death Knight - Frost/Unholy - High
Druid - Balance/Feral/Resto - High
Priest - Disc/Holy/Shadow - High
Warlock - Low
Warrior - Fury/Arms - Medium
Mage - Low
Monk - Mistweaver / Windwalker - Medium
Hunter - Any - High
Paladin - Retribution - High

Would also be very interested in talking with another 10 man guild that is also having attendance/recruiting issues and looking into running a group together, or merging in with us. If you fit that description, definitely contact me for further discussion.

Thanks guys, look forwarding to chatting with some folks soon :)!
Up to the top with you!
Still looking for 1-2 more heals and 1 dps (DK/Hunter/Warrior/Ret Pally - preferably, anyone exceptional is welcome to input their interest).
bump - still looking folks. Great home to be had here. Come join the fun and help us get back on track with progression!!!
/bump - updated guild progress and recruitment needs

We are now 10/14 and almost have Blackfuse down after a couple weeks hiatus due to attendance, and I have gained 8/14h experience with Ranch to help us push into heroics soon as we obtain our clear.

Would prefer the following classes / roles -

Shaman - Elemental - High
Rogue - Medium
Death Knight - Frost/Unholy - High
Druid - Very Low
Priest - Very Low
Warlock - Very Low
Warrior - Fury/Arms - Medium
Mage - Very Low
Monk - Mistweaver / Windwalker - Low
Hunter - Any - Low
Paladin - Retribution - Low

Thanks guys, look forwarding to chatting with some folks soon :)!
Hey folks, I'd definitely be interested in raiding with you guys. I'll be keeping an eye out for you in-game!
/bump - updated guild progress and recruitment needs

We are now 14/14. And I have gained 10/14h experience with Ranch to help us push into heroics soon as we can stabilize our attendance and/or roster.

Would prefer the following classes / roles -

Shaman - Elemental - High
Rogue - Medium
Death Knight - Frost/Unholy - High
Druid - Balance - High
Priest - Very Low
Warlock - Medium
Warrior - Fury/Arms - Medium
Mage - Very Low
Monk - Mistweaver / Windwalker - Low
Hunter - Any - High
Paladin - Retribution - High

Thanks guys, look forwarding to chatting with some folks soon :)! You may also add me on Realid at Prophecy42#1153.
Hi Furor if you're still interested in a position, I would like to talk with you further, you can find me on realid in previous post, or on Hypnotica, Soulsharded, Vampirica, or Feralicious.

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