Epic Viral Video Response

Thanks for the comments yeah it truly was bored! HAH Watch it it gets better half way in!!!

Shouldn't repost something that was originally boring to begin with /:
Mad bro?
Usin' old memes, bro?
Yeah it's doing well. You should stop by sometime, Archanon. OH WAIT.
Eh? I didn't even say anything about trying to log on.
someone sounds mr. grumpy today, awww website not workin out so well?

Told you so :)
From what I know, it's doing great. I'm just not a part of it. Try again.

Wait I thought you the founder of the website? Why are you not part of it anymore?
Too many smiley faces. What are you, 14? 15?
Aleous rage quit OpenKJ when he found out that The Hobbit was going to be a trilogy.

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