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A few months ago, I transferred this character from Dawnbringer to Zul'jin. Armory still hasn't reflected the change. When I search the name, 11 characters pop up but this isn't one of them. Since she's not searchable, I can't use any website that pulls information from Armory, most notably my new guild forums.

I have another character that was very recently transferred, and Amory updated the changes that night. This isn't the first time something like this has happened with this character. When I race-changed a year ago it still showed her as a blood elf three months later. Could someone please look into this?
Hey look, I'm STILL having the SAME PROBLEM almost a year later!

This is absolutely ridiculous. I've petitioned several times in the past two years (since I race-changed back during Cataclysm) and this STILL is not fixed. I've had a few different GMs try to force updates on my account, but the web dev team or whoever is in charge of Armory still has yet to do anything.

I can't access this character through the search function (can only view it with a direct link), can't see or select her on Mobile Armory, and because the page can't be accessed by normal means for other websites to ping, I can't use my own guild forums without selecting a different character, nor can I use optimization sites that ping Armory like Mr Robot and the like.

I'm begging you guys, PLEASE figure out what is wrong with this toon and fix it. It's been TWO YEARS!
I can see your character, Leinenkugel, in search results and when I click on your name from this post and try to view your profile it shows up normally.

If you are still having a problem, can you be more specific with what's happening? What browser are you using? Have you tried clearing your cache and cookies and then refreshing the page? (CTRL+SHIFT+DEL for most browsers) Are you using any add-ons?

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