The Culling of Stratholme: A Scenario?

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After recently playing the new Theramore scenario, I have walked away from it feeling dissatisfied. I thought the purpose of these was to bring more of story into focus.

The whole reason for the title of this topic is because I think that even though the culling of stratholme is an dungeon, it is what scenarios should use as an example. Here we have a major story moment and Blizzard delivers with all the right key moments.

While "Theramore" felt rushed and sloppy and had some big conflicts with the novel.

This is just my opinion and would love to hear other's views on it.
We already have a Culling of Stratholme dungeon and a CoS WC3 mission

Blizzard's not about to make a scenario out of it
I don't think he was suggesting that Stratholme should become a scenario... just that Blizzard should look to it as an example when making scenarios, since it did a better job of delivering the story it was trying to tell than the Theramore event did.
That dungeon did do a good job of telling the story. I enjoyed it and Blizzard would do well to create dugeons/scenarios that actually tell the story.
Well, judging by Kosak's comments at the Best Buy Q&A, they are taking away a lot of lessons learned from Theramore. I'm hopeful.
Ah. Forgive me, it was early, and I was stressed out.

If you're saying future scenarios should be like CoS, then I wholeheartedly agree
Scenarios seem to play out like Old Hillsbrad did. Remember first it was bomb the huts, then escort Thrall, then find Taretha, then kill the last boss.

Just remove quests from it and it would have been a good Scenario. Theramore's Fall should have been like that.

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