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Wyrmrest Accord
Hey guys, been thinking, with MoP next week, and the new influx of players we've been seeing on the forums looking for homes, why not make a new updated Guild Directory. Now, I know some guilds have died off, and many have risen up, so it's time to make a new updated one.

This isn't the official thread, I'll help create that shortly. What I need is a list, of those interested and seeking to have their names up there.

Please, post your Guild name, peek hours, contacts, style of rp or mission statement, and any information you wish to have. Keep it succinct if you can, I'll write them all down, compile a list, and work on the new thread.

Alliance, I would like for you to do the same, and in the meantime, this here thread can act as a new recruitment thread until I make a super thread.

Because it came up last time this subject was brought up: Another person had started an rp guild directory, and it was unstickied due to lack of keeping it up. The offer went up to make a new thread and the people who did the original thread said they were fixing and updating it 'soon' so no new thread went up. That was a good month or two ago, though so Sal I'd say if it comes up again to not let it phase you and keep going with setting this up.
Don't give up and don't stop when you make it! I really love those lists as a resource, and miss them greatly.
Is this open for non-RP guilds?

If so:

Crusaders of Skadoosh
Peak hours: 5PM - Midnight server time
Contacts: Senlord, Juansun, Benelderath, Tek, myself
We don't have much organized RP, but we do have a bunch of friendly folks who enjoy wallopin' bosses (yes, I said, "wallopin'!"), trying to wallop the Horde, zergin' dungeons/scenarios, and having fun while doing all that wallopin' and zergin'.
Thanks guys. I'll try to work hard with it. I love WoW, it's my main hobby (next to a few others) and since I've chosen Wyrmrest as my permanent home, I intend to make the most of it.

Talfrund, indeed, I'll accept non rp guilds. I would encourage both, I'll be splitting them into different threads. I understand this sounds tedious, but imagine a new player or even one of you, deciding you need a new guild. It's less daunting to see three different threads clearly labelled as "The RP guild thread", "The Raiding Guild thread" and so on.

Come on guys, post up. Thanks for the Crusaders of Skadoosh, I'll jot you down and get in contact with you.
This discussion has been brought up in a few threads. There is already a current PVE/PVP guild directory sticky that is well maintained by Alleyne and has been up since December 2010.
In regards to raiding since you mentioned a third thread, Jace has been maintaining the Raid Progression thread, also stickied. While I believe a new thread will need to be created for MoP raiding due to the forum post limit that thread is really the best indicator of guilds that are actually raiding and where they stand (though that is my personal opinion).
Well, then an RP guild thread would be needed. I haven't seen one to be honest, the current stickied one looks cluttered or not updated. I may be wrong, but I've noticed people asking for one.

It's really up to everyone else. I can just make an RP guild thread of the People I ask. Anyone can approach me about it if they are interested.
We definitely need someone dedicated to keeping an up-to-date RP guild thread considering we are an RP server. If you're willing to step up and gather them (and they will come) I'll definitely cast my vote for a sticky on it and I'm sure many others would as well. You should totally go for it.
I don't know who's upkeeping what, but I'll drop this here either way.

<Magical Adventures>
Level 16
Peek hours: Afternoon-night
Contact: Tavook, Belevow/Luethisel, Valliac
About: Casual, laid back guild that primarily enjoys raiding and old-world content. Does some PvP -- BGs, Arenas, and world(when we're not lazy-- I imagine this will pick back up in MoP). We don't really RP as a guild, though.
Good, good. Keep it coming. Preferably the RP guilds of Alliance/Horde, since I tend to agree it's a needed thread. However, thanks for Magical Adventures listing.
I'd love to see a thread that keeps this sort of information updated and stickied. Its a lot of work for whoever maintains it, and its a pretty thankless job.

Another one of the problems with keeping it up to date is, well...guild mortality. Loads of new guilds pop up and add their names to the thread and three months later, they are dead or dying.

And no one really tracks guild mortality, and alerts the Keeper of the Threads. So the threads tend to accumulate loads of summaries of ex-guilds. Which is frustrating for people trying to use the list as intended.

- Forbs
"For Gnomeregan!"
The old RP guild directory has been completely deleted. It used to be here:

So yes, there is no current stickied RP guild list.

The PVE/PVP guild directory I maintain is stickied and can be found at:

I update it weekly, and I went through and removed all inactive and disbanded guilds from it today in preparation for MoP.

Most of the guilds listed on the PVE/PVP directory ALSO RP. Roleplay is just not their focus, compared to a strictly roleplay guild.

I hope that clarifies it for anyone who had questions.
NICE! I'll direct Thyrus to this <3 and good job Aellynne on the other list!
Not a bad suggestion, Vincentus.

For now, I'm asking here because there's a ton of guilds I don't interact with in game, mainly Alliance side, and I want both sides represented equally. If I have to, I'll make an alliance toon and come over to discuss with you all.
<Haut Monde>
Level 16 Heavy RP
Peak Hours: Nights
Our emphasis is on quality. The guild itself is OOC and a tool used to facilitate roleplay, character development and storyline progression. Grammar, creativity, and an open mind are requisites. ;)
<Undercity Census>
Level 7(almost 8) Forsaken RP guild
The Census is part of a coalition of guilds that are focused around the Undercity and the Forsaken people. We perform as lore keepers, magistrates of towns, diplomats in the Dark Lady's name, information collectors, and even have a sect dedicated as bodyguards.

Contrary to popular believe, we do have positions available(and in need of filling) For envoys of the different races. To include orc, troll, tauren, blood elf, and goblin.

Our recruitment thread is:

Our official guild site is:

Be well, and may the Dark Lady watch over you...
Why not just do it the good ol fashioned way, and explore in game? The resource on this forum is never maintained, and its pretty much a forever-job for just 1 person, since they're the only one who can keep it updated.

Go out and explore! WHO NEEDS A MAP!

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