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Wyrmrest Accord
Or maybe you can't join the list until your guild is level 4? or something?

Good luck!
Well, I understand the forum list doesn't get updated at times, yet I'm told repeatedly the PVE/PVP one is, so why not an RP one for an RP server. It's not hurting anyone to have it, and frankly the Forums are a continued resource for folk looking for a home. However, I'll be going in game to collect more. I'm going to try and make an alliance alt to canvas the guilds in game there.

As for restrictions, I want to see who bites first. I agree it's best to avoid fly by night guilds, but I don't want to be elitist and prevent others from joining. It shouldn't be too much of an issue.

Please continue to post here, I need more Data. Data, Data, Data!
Would it be frowned upon on setting up a wordpress like system with X number of editors to allow people to update/manage/categorize guild entries? It seems cleaner then saying to host up a separate forum just for guild things only, whereas Wordpress gives up options of categories. I'm sure no one wants to follow one extra link, but to say we have a thread with the link stickied, then hand off "Editor" privs to those willing to help out and keep up with it on the server of that. It would beat having to wait on one person to update a guild list, multiple people could work with it, and possibly even take their time to filter X, Y, Z inactive guild. At least we'd have a good way of letting users Filter "I want an RP guild" with a tag system.

Just a thought, I've been messing around with an empty webhost I use for a design test and thought of that when I came across this thread. :) I wouldn't mind hosting the project either, imho.

With that, we can always integrate a non-register forum system with it too to "Request" a guild to be posted, or just a simple forum system (or a thread here) for "Please update/add this!".
bumps away, and it's not a bad idea, Cal, I'm just doing this for now, we can always evolve down the road.
Bumps for Sals.
And no worries, I was just curious if that would be something a group could work on eventually and figure out how best to do it. :)
====================The Royal Apothecary Society====================

<Level 25 Forsaken-Only Guild>
Prime-time: 4-10 Server
Contact: Taldin, Servais, Mortecia

The Royal Apothecary Society (or the R.A.S) is a Heavy-RP guild, and one of the few Forsaken-Only guilds around. Members may join as Apprentices, and then work their way up the ranks into becoming a full-fledged Apothecary, a member of the Deathstalker Corps., and much more. Most of our roleplay is be held around Undercity and Brill, but we often venture out to engage in World RP, especially during one of our many Guild RP events.

From a non-RP point of view, we constantly have members engaging in PvP, PvE, and plain old leveling, so you can always find someone around to help you with that battleground, or to get a raid group together. However, since it -is- an RP guild, every character is required to go through an IC interview before joining. Feel free to give us a whisper if you have any question about Forsaken Lore, the guild, or how to join!

=======The Royal Apothecary Society: Excellence in Undeath, for the Dark Lady======
still compiling the list, keep it coming guys! I hope to get something concrete this weekend.
I'll jump in!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<The Golden Keg>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Guild : <The Golden Keg>
Level: 19 (pushing 20!)
Activity : Usually someone on about all day
Contact: Bronzestout, Novayriel & Harnadel
About: (Formerly < House of the Golden Keg >). Recently came back from a few months break and now we're looking to recruit some friendly faces! (RPPVE guild that does a bit of everything ~ though don't expect heavy raiding ^-^)
bump for more
I was thinking about doing a thread like this too. But yeah, vote it for a sticky and just have the guild masters post in it. That way they can edit their own post (i.e. "Recruitement: close/open).
It's something I'm looking at, just concerned then that it'll get muddled by people who will post something not related which could derail the thread. I'm willing to put daily effort into maintaining the thread, I have the time.
bump for more. I'm hoping to go in game and remember to canvas for guilds.
I borrowed the template from the PVP/PVE thread, hope it's okay. I will do better later, but I just wanted to go on and put this out here.

Guild Name: Rusty Cutlass Buccaneers
Faction: Alliance
Guild Focus: RP Primarily, everything else is just icing on the cake.
Roleplay: Medium to Heavy
Requirements: 15 Minimum and we require an in character interview to join.
Short Description: Pirate based guild focused on having fun.
Detailed Description: We are a pirate based guild with as many events as I, or our members, can think of. We also have in character rules which can be seen once you are in the guild and register for the website. We may be pirates, but we still have our own brand of honor. The guild is neutral to all factions but we don't forbid pvp in character. We are pirates after all. We'll fight whoever has something we want.
Ok, got a few in game as well, but I need some more alliance too, to even this out a bit.
I hope this works out. Because I see new PVE or PVP guilds recruiting daily on these forums, but only a scant handful of RP guilds recruiting, and that's a major bummer. It's hard to track down which ones are still active if no one knows they exist or are still recruiting.


Thanks, I think once I get this thread made proper, it'll stick around. I just want to represent both sides evenly.

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