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Wyrmrest Accord
Not letting this go, I've been busy, I do need more alliance guilds to be fair about this though. Just to give me an idea what to begin the post with. We can always have people edit themselves too.
taking awhile, still making the lists. Also been busy. But again, I encourage you to place any RP guild recruitment tags here.
Sounds like a great idea, thanks! If you could list The Cenarion Vanguard I'd apprecite it. :D
<Thori Anore>

Level: 8

Peak hours: Afternoon-night. I'm personally usually on starting at 6 server.

Contact: Your best chance will be to whisper myself (On Araindwen or Yuumei) or Raynell


About: Icly, We're a sin'dorei-centric guild that longs to see Quel'thalas restored to it's former glory and are working towards that goal. We are picking up the pieces after our former leader's death, and in the midst of the confusion and strange politics following that event and the bombing of Theramore, the group scattered. Now a year later as the Mists part, we have regrouped to fight for our land and our people, this time not on our own.

OOCly, we're a family style guild that have a lot of fun and help each other out. We are sin'dorei-centric, but I am allowing other races, provided there is an IC reason as to why they want to help out Quel'thalas (and as Raine is particularly naive, it doesn't have to be a honest reason).

Events: Currently every other Thursday we have RP night. The next one will be October 25th. Other than that, at this time there is nothing on the table, but I hope that it will soon change.

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