Anyone know why there are 3 tier of pvp gear?

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I was browsing trying to see what the new gear looked like and I found a video from mmochampion, but they have 3 sets. The normal blue and red ones, from t1 and t2, but also a green one. I'm wondering if this means that we will need to get 2200 rating for green and 1800 for red? TBH idk if that will be cool, maybe a little higher to the green then I may enjoy it, since I will be trying to skip the red for the green. Or maybe the green is for RBGs, well IDK if anyone has any accurate info please let me know :D.
honor, conquest arena, 2200 tier arena
09/20/2012 11:18 AMPosted by Kusari
honor, conquest arena, 2200 tier arena

well that doesn't sound fun. Honor grinding is one of the most boring attributes to this game.... :(
It was always like that.
You get 3 tiers at the start of an expansion.
and one tier at the start of a season.

You just have to grind the honor gear only once/expansion.

If you still don't want to do it at all.There will be some crafted pvp items which will be a few ilvl lower.(13ilvl lower)
ok, this previous season was my first real season. dabbled a bit previously but never got big into it.

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