Horde put some gems up for sale in neutral AH

This is an easy way for someone on horde to double their money. I need the following gems:

One reverberating shadowspirit meta. And a couple rare quality bold inferno rubies. Willing to pay up to 100g each. I know they sell for 60g each over there.

Need a rare quality sovereign demonseye will pay up to 50g for it.

Need 4-5 rare quality smooth amberjewels at 20g each.

And I need 4 of the 60 blue stamina gems, will pay up to 20g each.

First person to post this stuff is who I will buy it from. If a couple people put gems up I will mention it in trade chat and try to get you some more buyers since gems are so expensive over here on ally.
Okay I got the gems thanks!

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