Need a new mic - What do you guys use?

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Hey all. I'm in the market for a new mic/headset. I do not really care about sound quality because I usually just hang them around my neck and use my speakers.

IMPORTANT - I listen to music through my speakers while I play, but my friends on skype are always complaining they can hear EVERYTHING, even when i turn the music down to a barely audible level. I am currently using an old set of turtlebeach X11's, which i'm pretty sure are notorious for picking up ambient sound. So I am looking for a mic that would be better at only picking up my voice, but nothing else.

tldr : Need mic that will pick up voice and not background music.

Even though it's omnidirectional it does not pick up the background noise of my box fan sitting 6 Ft away from me.

I think almost any mic will pick up noise if you blast some speakers I roll with earbuds.

Best mic I ever invested in and it only costed me about 10$.
logitech g930

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