Why did you pick that race and faction?

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Originally all of my characters were Horde and Undead. Part of the appeal of even trying WoW was zombies. I love horror and getting to be a sentient zombie sounded so cool. I loved all my Forsaken. Wasn't attached much to the Horde as I was to the undead when I played it.

It wasn't until a year after having been introduced to the game that I decided to try out a priest on Alliance. Not really sure why I picked Night Elf, but I did. I chose disc priest because I had loved seeing them in BGs. I'd never had a healer, and they were healers that could hurt enemies.

I rolled this character to get to RP and PvP, since all my toons up to that point on Horde were tied up in PvE (which I didn't really enjoy). Started researching Nelfs so I could create a backstory and, I don't know, just got hooked. Between RPing and leveling in BGs, I spent more and more time on Thane and less and less on my Horde characters. He usurped my main, an undead warlock, and I just lost interested in every other toon.

Now most of my characters have been faction changed over to Alliance, and even though I still have a slew of alts, I don't particularly enjoy any of them. Something about being a Nelf Disc priest just clicked for me.

Well all you need to do is get them to drink more demon blood and blood rage :D.

It was such a blast the last time it happened in Outlands!


I see you on the forums all the time Zieto, so why Goblin?

Hmmm. Do I have to stick with just Zieto's race/class reasons? o_- (Will try after I am done packing and junk x_X)
Forbs was born partially out of a desire to experiment with the Destro spec (I played a Belf Aff'lock all through Burning Crusade), and partially out of rebellion. I suppose that merits some explanation?

You see I've always liked Gnomes, but the more I learned about them, the less I could tolerate the stereotypical Gnomes I met in RP. You know, the absent-minded brilliant inventor usually played for laughs. What little Gnome lore there is, is compelling. And I decided I was going to make a "normal" average Gnome. One who is smart, but isnt brilliant. A Gnome who for once is not an engineer, and has never invented anything. A patriotic Gnome who sees everything from uniquely *Gnomish* perspective, and not like a three foot tall Human.

And once that decision was made...Forbs basically wrote herself. She's a joy to play because I rarely have to ponder what Forbs would think or say on any given subject. She tells me!

As for Faction, well...its fun to play a Bad Guy now and then. But I honestly dont really identify with the Horde. I'm into cooperation rather than competition. I guess thats why I ended up a guild leader.

The Horde has esprit de corps, no doubt about it. But the Alliance has teamwork! So as cool as Blood Elves and Goblins can be as RP characters they cannot hold my interest for very long, and will always be "alts" to my Alliance side mains.

- Forbs
"For Gnomeregan!"
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The original Drove was a nelf on my pve server.

Traitor, lol.

Wut, I know your horde secret *rawr*
I've always liked monstery or animalistic races. In EQ I played trolls, ogres and iksars. In WoW, I was drawn to the Horde culturally and really enjoyed playing Horde, whether it be orcs, tauren or trolls.

Then things changed in Wrath. I was really interested in draenei that the Alliance got, and I'm still not happy draenei went to the Alliance instead of the Horde, but I can understand why. : / While I played mostly Horde in Wrath, I put in more attention to my draenei characters. Cata came around and I ended up playing mostly Alliance now, and every time since I've tried to go Horde, I didn't like it and went back.

I love draenei culture and lore but unfortunately it's underrepresented in WoW.
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Wut, I know your horde secret *rawr*

You know nothing!
Story time.

When I first tried WoW on a 7 day trial, I made a forsaken rogue because it seemed interesting, poked around at the game aimlessly, then forgot about it. Sometime after that, I actually -bought- the game and went Alliance side on Skywall with Drove. Originally, I mained a draenei warrior named Naeli.

I rolled the ORIGINAL Selynth on Skywall, as an alt, a forsaken mage. Then she was race-changed to a night elf because again, lol Drove was on Alliance.

Then I rolled another 'random Selynth on WRA back when my home server was down. As is my nature, once Skywall was back up, I then promptly forgot about her until months later when I tried out a guild here. Why a priest? No clue. I just picked at random when I made Selynth again on WRA, then ran with it. Luckily, I managed to become somewhat competent at it while having fun with the class. Forsaken are my favorite race due to their lore, and honestly, I LOVE every animation for casting/attacking that female forsaken have.

No matter what I keep leaning back to red side. All in all, I just find the Horde more interesting as a faction, [though Alliance still holds a place of fond nostalgia for me, and someday I'll level my Alliance alts here].
I picked Forsaken. Why well tbh when i first started this game ages ago, i picked human, an stuck with that through LK. He was an A**hole, trusting no one, an had no fear of killing anyone at a whim. then LK arrived, an as I was leveling him I got the achievement Wrathgate, and after the ending video, i immediately faction changed my Rogue to a Forsaken, an been happy there ever since, he has no feelings what so ever, an would do anything to assume Sylvanas' job if the opportunity arose, he doesn't act. Think of the saying "It's the quiet ones that are scary, thats Marq. tho he is now on ThoBro. He is my absolute faviote to RP with. Forsaken seemed to fit him way better than Human. Though I did miss the privilage of RPing with mene an her band.

I sit around watching the young their quick agile movements, deft handling of their weapons. I look at my calloused hands and sigh.

A younger member points in my direction and laughs, his buddies laugh also. "You find something funny?" The young man snickers, "you couldn't sneak up on a sleeping Tauren" More laughter from his buddies. "it's not all about stealth, or how well you can sneak, you must know your terrain, the weakness of your prey" The young man laughs, "I could take you with out breaking a sweat"

The next thing the young man sees is a dagger at his throat, hot breath on the nape of his neck, I can feel the fear eminating from his body. "Son, I was killing people while you were drooling in your diapers" I drop the dagger and head back to my chair and coffee. That move hurt, Bones creaking, pains where there shouldn't be any. I sit down and sip my coffee, Getting old sucks
It's real easy! Each of my toons got a diff'rent reasin' fer bein', representin' a diff'rent aspect of my own personality. This guy is pretty much like the me ya see onna street. I'm everybody's best pal, sidekick, and supportin' character...I got opinions, but I like everybody until I got a reason not to. I got a sense of humor, but I ain't got time fer jackassery. I ain't no hero, but I'll push someone else inta the spotlight an' watch 'em shine. I allso tend ta be a bit of a gadget freak, so yeah. So yeah, this is the everyday me...
...and then there's the darker, more sarcastic, more critical me, the part of me that sees all the inherent flaws of humanity and both laughs at and loathes them, the me that relishes living outside of societal norms and the mainstream; the part of me that is revealed whenever the moon is full or I've had a particularly noxious day...
...and then there's the comtemplative, existential, problem-solving me. The peacemaker, arbiter, mediator, and counselor. The me that longs for world peace but knows he'll never see it, yet despite the long odds continues to work toward it one person at a time.
I chose Alliance because it clicked with me and the friend that got me into WoW played Alliance (I've tried Horde every now and again, never could get into it, probably partially because I was raised on a heavily Horde-favored PvP server and had that "you stick with your faction" mentality shoved into my head), and I rolled night elf when I started playing back in mid-BC because I wanted to play a druid.

Now that same character is a worgen because I had spent years as a night elf, I was getting tired of being purple and bouncy, I could never really get into night elf lore, and I liked the look of worgen druid forms.
Human Warrior(also, first ever toon): I chose human because they were my favourite faction in WCIII, I chose warrior because, well, warriors in RPGs tend to be total badasses. And I wanted to be the plate wearing badass. That was the whole reson behind it.

Sin'dorei Priest: At first it was because of the racials. Then I learned more of the lore behind them, as I already knew some of it from WCIII:TFT, and I loved it.

So I started looking at the lore for each race and, holy sh!t, I became a bit of a lore nerd.

I love the Alliance and the Horde equally, though right now I am more Horde than Alliance.

But I started on the Alliance, and I kinda like the look of the Alliance architecture better, slightly.

Tauren: If I stop playing Tauren no one will recognise me.
This hairstyle.

No, seriously.
Draenei Paladin, because I have always loved paladins, and my friends got me hooked from the BC trailer with Maraad.

And Alliance for the race reasons, and because Horde story writing and themes strike me as frustratingly hypocritical.
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Hello everyone! It's your friendly neighborhood Draenei here again with a NEW topic! So, here's the question: Why did you pick that particular race and why did you go Horde/Alliance?

WyrmrestAccord.net, actually, is why I went Alliance. Prior to joining the server, I looked into the community boards of a few different places. Then, I found Patrick Morgan, Joss, Pigeon, and a few other characters' blogs on the site, and went, "WOW THIS IS NEAT" and ended up joining Alliance after fangirling them.

I squealed like a derp when I ended up RPing with Joss first-day I was on server with Ziichi, ahahaha. Still friends forever later. GURL YOU CRAYCRAY.

Ever since then, however, I got used to Alliance and met 748302 people; changing communities would feel odd to me - thus, 99% of my characters have been Alliance since.

Were it not for that original interest in some Alliance players, I'd have gone with Sin'dorei for Ziichi (as it made the most sense; she's imported from her own story elsewhere.) Human was the best alternative!
I really wanted to play a druid and was only interested in playing on Horde side so Tauren was the only way to go.
Blood Elves are fabulous.

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