Most viable comp for Ret pally

For 2's

For 3's

What are your suggestions?
Ret/Rogue was a nice 2s comp a while ago. Don't know with the recent changes, not seriously pvping until MoP is released.

Ret/War/Druid was also good.
For 2's a Paramedic would be best compliment for Ret
09/21/2012 09:13 PMPosted by Nevara
Yes, with all our damage nerfs and all the buffs everyone else got the only way for Ret to do well this expansion is if Blizz gives us Paramedics to partner with.

Or the can give us a new talent called GOAP (Guardian of the Ancient Paramedic)
Well that's not what I want to know lol I'm fairly new to arena and finally got a partner and he plays Ret. We ran a few games before 5.0 we did pretty good though I was playing holy pal at the time lol.

Now I am wanting to either play Dk, war, ret/hpal and maybe monk. Warrior I've mained since wrath when I started playin, DK I'll have to relearn, Ret/hpal I played a holy during cata more so during wrath as ret.
Don't bother listening to Agincourt he hasn't adjusted to the new Ret and/or he has no clue as to how to truly PvP at all. Take a gander at his record and it proves it enough.

To answer your question the Ret Paladin can now fill an extreme amount of comps now with their snare and sheep. Don't expect to be forced into a comp with a Class that can snare or a class with a viable CC... You could literally playing be RestoDruid/Warlock/Ret or DiscPriest/EleShaman/Ret if you cared for it. It really depends on how things pan out in MoP as to what is superior and what isn't. As of right now just be looking for good/friendly playing to mingle with because you can fill the shoes of any DPS.
I prefer Locks, Rogues, and Unholy Dks. That's just me though.
2s Ret-Spriest , Ret-Rogue ,Ret-Dk ,Ret-Ret
3s Ret-Hunter-Priest , Ret-Dk-Priest , Ret-Rogue-Priest
09/21/2012 03:58 PMPosted by Agincourt
For 2's a Paramedic would be best compliment for Ret

^---Just because I know a few Paladins who'd appreciate this.
@Roelathqt and Scar thanks for your imput guys
@Jackdakatsuj LOL

Ok it's good to know that there are more than one comp to run around as with ret. Usually I hear go with a dk but tbh I don't enjoy how they play anymore.

Though the new blood tap talent is fairly good, may actually go double ret or warrior/ret. Only thing is I've mained a warrior since wrath and I think it's time I tried something new despite them being in a decent spot now.
hunter/ret/r druid or shaman
i'd roll with another dps in 2s, because our healing potential is pretty high. but 2s are a silly bracket for farming points anyway.

the nice thing about the changes for ret is that rolling with ranged dps is possible now that we can peel effectively. this means that potential 3s comps are pretty open, which is really nice. i disliked having to run double plate healer for most everything and still get mulched by backpedaling caster dps.
Went against a Spriest / Ret combo before..even when they were less geared than me and my healer the amount of stuns / fears / Heals was annoying :| caused us to lose x2
I ran ret/bm hunter the other day for cap and we were straight globalling ppl. we only lost to a couple double dps comps that knew how to cc me during their burst so they could kill my hunter. we didnt lose to a single healer/dps comp we just put 1 cc on the healer then blew up dps. Hell, one match we just dumped dmg into the dps and we killed him through the heals. Moral of this story: Ret/Bm Hunter can wreck in 2s up to at least 1800
Somebody tell me what beats frost/ restro druid thats the only comp I haven't killed. I just find that there is no way to really global that comp I mean they have 3 ice blocks and a tree form to live nearly anything.

anything with warrior, hunter, druid, mage seems strong just cause of how things in general are. But I've wanted to try a ret, destro, restro shammy as a comp. I think that would be a powerful comp shammy provides tremor totems, locks and us have strong options to global on demand we have hand of protection to help set up. I'm trying to think outside of the box. There's a very quick hive mind thought set up that happens at the start with competitors like this, to just slam together the clearly mostly dominate 1v1 classes with there own tools together. Not really seeking answers on how to defeat something.

I remember doing 2's with a destro lock and something about it felt strong to me. Yes I'm theory crafting here but I'm tired of seeing nothing but warrior, hunter, frost mage, restro druid, h-pally. Anything with warrior, bm, frost works great yay we all figured that out day 1 believe.
Just out of curiosity to see whats the best ret comp for 3's I went to see look up how some other high ranked rets are doing and hell I may be new to pvp but I can look at something and just know.

They easily have the highest win percentage with a ret. Although the shamans elemental which I think is cool, and refreshing to see.

Moral of the story is Google is our friend, and vanguards a beast.
09/21/2012 09:22 PMPosted by Agincourt
Yes, with all our damage nerfs and all the buffs everyone else got the only way for Ret to do well this expansion is if Blizz gives us Paramedics to partner with.

Or the can give us a new talent called GOAP (Guardian of the Ancient Paramedic)

We have this.

It's just in the Holy spec silly. And it's called GoaK (Guardian of the Ancient Kings, in case you didn't know).
Ret/hunter was strong even before OP BM hunters
Ret/frost Mage and ret/shadow priest is awesome. With cc, control, hand of protecting and crazy off healing, it's quite easy to beat those arms-BM hunter combo's.
Ret/war is fun to stuff around in but any1 doing it, I'd suggest speccing into Sanctified Wrath for 'lol, pop CDs = blow up, 10second game"

Honestly haven't done many 3a other than for laughs due to waiting on 3rd member to hurry up and ding his toon to 90.
But we will be running ret/arms/rsham..
Good comp.

3s, anything with hunter, Mage, war, shadow priest plus heals - rdruid/rsham will be strong

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