(H) Liquid Courage Recruiting

We are a level 25 guild, looking to recruit DPS for core 25M group raiding for MoP. Raid times are Tuesday and Thursday from 7:30pm to 10:30pm server time. Visit www.liquid-courage.net for more information, or send an in game email/whisper to Bogorass, Frostybuds, Neotsn, or myself, Ãndea.
Bump still looking for some more dps =) Also any small guild who would love to raid in MoP but just can't find the members we would love for you to join us also
oh hai thar!
Still looking for a couple more dps prefer shaman and maybe 1 or 2 healers
Update we are now recruiting 88-90 for raids still need dps
Progression is currently 1/16 still need dps
Kanda <3

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