Seriously the only good Mage transmog

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like mine.. :-) trying to get soon a Blade of Wizardry
Finally happy with mine.
AQ40 Tier Gear and found some matching gloves/bracers. I'm a frost mage and this feels frosty.
My frost transmog. The sword sells it.
ICC is all that matters.
<---- greatest transmog in the damn game
I know i'm a hunter lol and don't belong in this topic but i suggest looking up Voss-Skullcrusher his transmog is the best i've seen
Mine is best.
This is my favorite Alliance mage set by far; a little vicious looking, light metal plating, glowy cyrstals, just looks nice.
mines pretty good when shes standing up... not doing this retarded casting animation
You are a man in a dress
Mission accomplished? :) You look like a wizard!
I match my water elemental buddy :)
My frost transmog. The sword sells it.

Try my belt out Fizzlejinx it matches the chest much better.

This sells it better :-) Frostscythe of Lord Ahune
I like my transmog just need a better helm, sword, and offhand
I was using the blue tier 5 until I did Hyjal and realized this looks pretty stellar on a Pandaren.
I prefer this - especially with the title.

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