illidan offline

the server when on and off 2 times akready whats happening?
3rd dc now
Yeah I am trying to level my hunter! I got d/ced 3 times now :(.
it's because they think their servers can withstand all of the horde from Illidan + all of the alliance from Darkspear and Sargeras in the pvp zones.
and another what is going on blizz???
4th time. Now Kil'Jaedan is offline as well.
Really weird. I hope this gets figured out soon.
Maybe they are playing with CRZ stuff and its causing some issues.
they need to turn off the crossservers with big servers and do it only for the low pop servers
Is cross servers now live for Illidan? What zones?
Now World server is down.
09/16/2012 06:06 PMPosted by Smally
NO! people like YOU should stop POSTING. THIS IS NOT A PVE REALM.

This isn't a question of whether it's a pve realm or not, it's a matter of people being tired of an already full server being merged with other server. We don't NEED any more people from other servers. Regardless of zone(though even in places other than Org and Dal, it's still pretty crowded), we have enough on the server. Cross-realm is a solution for low pop servers anyways. Illidan isn't low pop. Deal with it.
so is the server gonna be down for some time or what because people got things to do
well its the people in del at bank stairs making us dc they are crashing the server and yet blizz will sit on there buns and do nothing -.-
reason is simple..

some idiot priest was saying he's giving away 500k gold on dal steps in 10mins so in 10 mins a mass of people crashed the server and eventually world server and blizz is now doing realm restarts

iq of people hurts my mind...
wow keep going offline in the middle of my bg ban those guys that keep crashing the server damn
To many poeple. All i can say!
when will the servers be up i wanna play ):

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