H:] Gin's Weekly Ulduar 25 (First week!)

Hello, this is Ginatonic and I raid lead Glory of the XX Raider achievement runs through openraid.us crossrealmers. For 25 weeks, I have hosted THE fastest and the most efficient H:ICC Meta runs with all bosses done on Heroic mode. I would like to reach out to other raid instances now every week.

I ask for YOUR support to make Ulduar nothing more than a complete success and enjoyment of your time.

After much, "Ginatonic, are you doing Ulduar? I need Ulduar! When is Ulduar? Let's do Ulduar," I bring to you...

Weekly Ulduar 25 starting our first run this week!

http://openraid.us/r/58735 -- Sept 21st 8 PM Eastern.

-I offer the smoothest and recorded fastest runs on US-Horde. This means, no AFKs, no wipes. My H:ICC runs have finished 3 full sets of Shadowmournes and 2 more are incoming. Hopefully I can match this with Val'anyrs!

-I plan on running weekly Ulduar 25 whether it be for metas or non-metas achievements.

-Numerous satisfied raiders with hundreds of frost wyrms pumped out, soon to pump proto drakes!

This run is purely for speed and for transmogs.

What you will get:

-(Name) the Astral Walker, Glory of the Ulduar Raider 25 man mount (when we do metas).
-Transmog gear
-Fast and quality run! No drama, no yelling, no crying.
-Fragments for Val'anyr ARE on reserve at the moment to the loyal raiders.

-Mimiron's Head is reserved.

-Every Fridays 8 PM - 9:30 PM US Eastern.

Show up 15 minutes before start time.

Finished Shadowmourne list from my H:ICC:


Those who are working on SMs:


Precious's Ribbon Winners (Free rolled duh!)


I am listing these completions to show that I will be successfully completing Val'anyrs for loyal raiders.
Do note that as I have stated on Openraid, our first run will be a dry-test. I want to see our clear time, our current raid DPS with our gear level. We will not be doing every single meta achievement this week.

This is so I can change the group dynamics and size for MoP.
Need DPS!

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