[A] Connection (4/6) Dath'Remar - LFM.

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Connection is looking for dedicated, mature and reliable raiders to be apart of the core 10man team. Being apart of a core team involves 100% commitment and availability.

We're looking for consistent members as we don't normally have replacements.

We are a small, social and friendly community that is striving to push solid progression. We do not accept players who do not contribute or can't be bothered, these positions are for the core team. Currently (4/6) in the Mogu'shan Vaults raid.

All raiders must have sound knowledge of their class/role/spec and previous raiding experience. We only recruit adult players, as we are an adult guild.

What we expect from you:

Level 90.
At least 21+ years of age or a high level of maturity is displayed.
Mature, dedicated and 100% commited to the team.
Know your class inside and out.
Raid awareness, the ability to move out of that fire and knowledge of encounters/be able to research.
No elitist attitudes are welcome.
You need to be raid ready or very close to it.
Contribute to the guild and help others.
Be social and friendly, we have vent and use it regularly.

Highly interested in: DPS and HEALERS




Note: We are no longer accepting applications for Monks, the position has been filled.

Raid Schedule:
Note: All times listed are based on server time.

Thursday 8:30-11:00PM
Sunday 9:30-12:00AM
Monday 8:30-11:00PM

If you have any questions feel free to reply to our thread or contact me in-game via BattleTag; Belacv#6196

Cuppa tea and biscuits.
Ham and cheese toasted sandwiches.

Delicious bacon and eggs & a glass of orange juice.
Looking for DPS!
DPS and more DPS!
More dots!
MoP is only a few days away!
Casual raiders are welcome!


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