[H] Rendered Recruiting PvPer's

<Rendered> currently lvl (18) is recruiting dedicated PvPer's for MoP content to include but is not limited to, RBG's, Arenas, premade BG's. We will be accepting any max level (85) character in preparation for MoP. We plan on hosting multiple RBG groups in various ratings to accommodate all guildies regardless of experience or rating. We will also be running premades and vast amount of arenas.

We are a small and friendly community with ties that go back 4+ years, we are looking for solid players with a PvP focus mindset to join us in our push for MoP success. We run a tightly structured guild with equality all around, all voices are heard and all decisions will be made with the common good at mind. We are NOT looking for anyone with a social incapacity, must bring good attitude and energy. Thus being said, elitists need not apply (you can be elite without being an elitist).

This guild will be focusing heavily on video footage of our events, raids, RBG's etc, and a website for hosting our videos is currently underway.

If you are interested in this guild whether as a potential member, or an outside investor, please respond to this thread, and or contact Tyis in game via whisper, or in game mail.

Dema, you only have one mount.

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