Penance nerf?

Atonement has nothing to do with the fact that penance's damage has been nerfed to almost 30% of what it previously was. Atonement was not nerfed. What was nerfed was the DAMAGE that penance does. If you're refering to atonement at all, it's simply because Penance doing 1k, instead of 3k damage, means it's now healing for 1k, instead of 3k when used as a DPS factor and not applied as a healing instead. This is about Penance's DAMAGE nerf. Atonement wasn't touched.

Edited to show Damage for the current leveling people, not the 85s. (Haven't got an 85 priest to check it on.)

Any nerf to Penance's dps is a nerf to Atonement as well since atonement's healing is based on the amount of damage you do.

Because Discipline is designed to do most of its healing thru DPS. Spec skills like Evangelism and Atonement only kick in when you are using DPS spells.

Please explain to me how penance fits into this?

Level 44 Discipline, Holy priest ability
When you deal direct damage with Penance, Smite, or Holy Fire you gain Evangelism. Stacks up to 5 times. Lasts for 20 sec.

Increases the damage done by your Penance, Smite and Holy Fire spells by 4% and reduces the mana cost of those spells by 6%.
healing class complaining about damage.
silly priests... your healers... healers arent suppose to be able to top damage meters... your spec isnt broken.

if you want to dps, go shadow.
lol i was trying to power level to 85 before they nerfed penance. now i guess ill need to go shadow for quest/soloing from 82-85.
Because they can? Obviously we want to hear what a rogue thinks about Priest problems.
LOL to all the QQers, holy crap !@#$. Everyone knew that penance was going to get a massive nerf, i powerleveled my priest, and i enjoyed it while it lasted. There is NO WAY IN HELL that a healing class should be getting 25+ killing blows, top damage as well as top healing all IN THE SAME BG. seriously. and me doing 45% of the damage in dungeons? as healer? yea. penance needed nerfed like no other. its like the person who always uses cheats in a game then cries when he cant find his gameshark and has to play by the rules... Penance is where it SHOULD be now.
The base number was drastically lowered but the spellpower coefficient was increased, so what this means is that while we gear up into MoP Penance will do increasing amounts of damage. It's looking to be fairly good again when doing dailies in Pandaria.

Patience. This is a change for the longer-term good.
I'm still top DPS, killing blows, and healing on my level 13 disc priest even after nerf.

umad blizz?
Hey guys, just thought Id throw this out there...if you check you hit rating for spells we are always hit capped even at lower lvls because of a talent that gives us 15% hit which is now what spell hit cap is. So that combined with penance being a little strong was what I think the whole whining was about. Imo yeah maybe it needed a little twinking but not a "WWE Smackdown" lol.
But as I recall from reading forum posts and what not, there were alot of people calling for a nerf and believe it or not some disc priests were jumping on the bandwagon with them. All I can say is "I hope you're happy now". My guess is maybe not. Be careful what you wish for comes to mind right now lol.
You guys should be glad that you had 3 weeks of I-Win Button, holy pallies had the holy shock for one week.
09/19/2012 05:00 PMPosted by Cossie
You guys should be glad that you had 3 weeks of I-Win Button, holy pallies had the holy shock for one week.

bitter pally, settle down ;(
this lolz. :D
and you were cheering for Blizzard with the Holy Shock nerf

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